Top 7 Scientific Benefits of Compassion

Human has the feelings, he has the intelligence, he has the mind, each and every emotion changes our minds, we react on the things and our reaction is totally different from other, these qualities are not there in other animals, that make us superior to all of them.

Human always wants to be happy in his life, happiness comes from many things, compassion is one of the feeling that relaxes our mind completely, because the human nature is a helping nature, our teachers also teach us about the mercy to others, but its not just the feeling, it has the scientific reasons also by which we can make our mind strong.

Here Are Some Of The Scientific Benefits Of The Compassion.

1. Good Mental Health:

Compassion gives your mind a relax feeling as you help others and people gives you positive energy to you, human mental health is directly proportional to the status of mind, if your mind is calm then you are mentally strong, it will be depression, anxiety and paranoia free. Healthy mind secretes the proper hormones that will give a good physique also.[1]

2. Internal Happiness:

Happiness is all about that we are searching from the birth, what makes you happy is totally your choice but our responsibility is to make the world the best place to live, so if we have the feeling of the compassion then we get the  blessings from the others  this gives you the internal feeling of happiness to us and happy person has good immune system and a good body.[2]

3. Attractive Personality:

Men and women love each others and the first thing they look between them is the kindness, if a person is kind to others, then he is noticed by all the others and he or she has an attractive personality in the crowd and everyone loves them.[3]

4. Remove Stress:

Kindness is one of the key feature to soothe your mind in a positive manner, it stops the secretion of the oxytocin hormone that increases the stress of mind, this will make a shine on your face and you the stress will be remove and you will prone to migraine and others brain disease.[4]

5. Elevation of Others:

In this world all types of the people live, some are happy and some are unhappy and if a happy people share some of the happiness to the unhappy person then might be an unhappy person become happy, so that whole society will grow equally and your kindness will elevate others.[5]

6. Good to Environment:

We live in environment and our all the activity is related to the environment, people having less resources normally lives in the slum and the environment in which they live is not good due to the open sanitation, impurity and other thing and somehow they trap us also, so we should help them and donate the money so that they will live in a clean environment and the whole environment gets better.[6]

7. Chain Reaction:

Compassion is not for the individual, people always copy the good habit of the others, so if you are kind to other, then you friends and relatives will also try to be like you and as they have the stress feeling mind, then their relatives and the friends also try this and this will spread like a chain reaction and our ultimate goal of the best society will be achieved in no time.

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