Top 10 Summer Sunglasses For Men

Men’s style has taken a changeover since the ancient days. Depending on the weather there are several styles that suit a particular Male. During summer, the dress style is different and during winter it again changes. One spectacular change that we can notice in the style is the use of sunglasses in the summer season. The varieties of sunglasses used by the men are in numbers. As the temperature is quite warm and unpleasant for the eyes, it becomes compulsory to wear sunglasses.

Let Us Have A Look At Some Of The Glasses For Men That Are Well Suited For Warm Summer:

1. Metal Sunglasses:

Use of metal in making the frames for sunglasses has increased dramatically in the last few decades. Use of metal frames provides a dashing look to the person wearing it. One of the examples of metal sunglasses is the clip-on sunglass. These sunglasses have thin lines of metal and light in weight. These sunglasses make it easier to bunt the warm rays of the sun. The other advantage of this sunglass is that it can work as both sunglasses and eyeglasses as per the weather.

2. Round Vintage Sunglasses:

One of the sunglasses that induces the vintage feeling in you through its look. It has been a serious turnaround in the way that this sunglass has gained popularity. The look of this sunglass is like of the vintage 90’s. It is best suited for persons who have narrow of medium size face. The frames used in this sunglass is round shaped which will make you feel different from the crowd.

3. D-Frame Sunglasses:

The D-frame sunglasses are gaining popularity because of the masculine look it brings to you. It also makes you feel like moving towards the future. One can identify the D-frame sunglasses with their angular oversizing. These sunglasses are a perfect one for the persons with a round face.

4. Oversized Aviators Sunglasses:

This is the most common to be used sunglasses during the summer. This sunglass adds a cool and chilling look even with a simple outfit. The reason behind this is because of the classic and sporty design that these sunglasses possesses. Since it initially started to rise in the market, it has gone under some severe modification. The manufacturer has tried out the mixture of classic style with a bigger style that provides the person wearing it a masculine look. The design can be said to be inspired from the hip-hop and the smart streetwear industries. These are popular among those who are fashionable in nature.

5. Heavy Browline Sunglasses:

This sunglass can be said as the latest and modern version of the club masters. This sunglass compared to other is thicker and provides a manlier look to the one wearing it. Semi-rimless frame is the most prominent feature of this sunglass. The lenses used are square in shape. This sunglass is perfect for persons who have a triangular shaped face and defined jaw lines.

6. Square Wayfarer Sunglasses:

“Class is forever, rest is temporary”. This phrase is well suited to the square farer sunglass. This sunglass is a classic piece in itself. The wayfarer sunglasses are more refined in style and are slender in design. These are well backed up by tapered temples and silver color rivets. These sunglasses are good for medium to wide faces guy and make you comfortable for any occasion.

7. Navigator Sunglasses:

One of the most powerful of all the glasses is the navigator sunglasses. This design can be said to be the newest version of classic aviators. The shape has become bolder and the outfits have been revamped. One can get the combined effect of the aviator shape and square shape frame combined in this navigator sunglass. This sunglass looks good for those with a medium or wide face.

8. Retro Sunglasses:

These sunglasses gain inspiration from the steam-powered machines used in the industries these days. The body is half metal and half is made of celluloid giving your face a cutting edge. It has a regular nose bridge made of metal that projects outwards from the frame. The frames are round in shape. It is suited for narrow and angular faces.

9. Classic Pool Clubmasters:

A perfect symbol of coolness is this classic pool clubmaster sunglasses. It can be said as a combination of casual and fashionable looks. These sunglasses are good for people with a small and medium face and smaller head.

10. Tortoise Shell And Horn-Rimmed Sunglasses:

These sunglasses can be said the best among all in regards to color. These are softer and are just like dark tortoise shell in color. These sunglasses not only act as a cover for your tired eyes but also enhances your look with every outfit.

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