MuscleXP Whey Protein Review

There are so many companies that are now in body building supplements market. MuscleXP is an Indian brand that is manufacturing a range of health and body building supplements. Whey protein is the best supplement now a days and it is safest way to get the muscles. As per the guidelines, if you want to increase your muscle size then you need to take the 1 gm of protein per Kg of your body weight along with other nutrients, MuscleXP 100% whey protein fulfill all the demands of the body builder. This product gives you the energy,  performance and recovery.


Packing is nice, It is sealed pack, with the label of the muscleXP. It is coming in the 2 kilogram of weight, it comes in the flavor of the double chocolate. You will have the big scoop in it and there is weight also embedded on it. You can have the 62 serving almost, so your protein will last up to 30 days which is good.


The product has the good mix-ability, you need not to have any shaker, it mix in the water and milk perfectly. Just take the 150 ml of the water, add 1 scoop to it, mix it with the spoon for about the 40 seconds till its completely dissolved, for good results take it twice in a day.

Nutritional Information

MuscleXP 100% whey protein is loaded with of so many essential nutrients, so you need not to buy other products, you will all the supplements in just one product of the muscleXP. Here is the nutritional information about this product.

MuscleXp 100% Whey Protein

Whey protein is used to stimulate the muscle fibers, so if you want big size of the muscle then protein is the main content, you can have it from the diet also but it will take time to develop your muscles, whey protein gives you the fast results. MuscleXP 100% whey protein has the 25 gm of the protein in which you have almost 78% purest whey protein in each serving to give you the good results. It also low your cholesterol level.


Energy is most essential part to get the big muscles. MuscleXP 100% whey protein has the 121  kcal of the energy each serving that fulfill your energy requirements while exercise.

Glutamine And Glutamic Acid

Glutamine and the glutamic acid helps to hold the muscles and pump up your body throughout the day and it gives you strength to lift up the high weights, both the acid are quite expensive in the market but MuscleXP 100% whey protein has include this in its product and you will have the 4.46 gm of this acid per serving.

Fat And Sugar

Fat is the most important nutrition but in the limited quantity, it is nothing but a form of stored energy. MuscleXP 100% whey protein has 1 gm of the fat in it. The most important part of this product is that it is totally sugar free.


BCAAs is the Branched Chain of the Amino acid, normally it has the three types of the amino acids in it and these are luecine, isoleucine and valine, if you are not taking the proper diet, then these acids will fulfill your body requirements, you need to buy it separately but MuscleXP 100% whey protein has the 5.94 gm of the BCAAs in it, that is good enough to give the strength to your body.

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