Eat This 6 Surprising Items And Stay Hydrated!

The human body contains around 60% of water! The reason being water is a primary element in building new blocks of cell in our body. Apart from that water regulates body temperature. More than that water helps in swallowing, digesting the food and excretion of waste products from the body too. As you can see how important water is for our body and keep it hydrated is one of the most vital aspects of taking care of our body.

We know drinking water is an important thing to do during the day. We should drink a minimum of an 8-10 glass of water every day. If that is not possible then we can keep our body hydrated by eating any of this food. These vegetables and fruits are healthy and contain good source of water in it. 

1. Cucumber:

Cucumber belongs to a member of the gourd family. It is a creeping vine and is a fruit in reality but is used as vegetables. It is originally from South Asia but widely popular in North America. It contains 95% water which provides 16 calories! 95% water is definitely a huge source of water. Eating 100 gram of raw cucumber definitely fulfills around 2 glass of daily water requirement.

2. Watermelon:

Watermelon is also creeping vine and belongs to the same family Cucurbitaceae. There are around 1000 types of watermelon with different sizes and colors produced in the world. The most famous fruit of summer, Watermelon contains 91% water and 6% of sugar and supplies 60 calories in a 200-gram serving. It fulfills around 2 glass of daily water requirement.

3. Carrots:

Carrots are basically root vegetable from Apiaceae family. Carrots are usually inexpensive but very important from the economic point of view. There are basically four types of carrots in the world. It contains around 88% of water in it along with 4.7% sugar and 2.8% dietary fiber. There comes your 1 and a half glass of water by consuming carrot!

4. Yogurt:

Mostly people love the bacterial fermented milk products, don’t they? You might be confused as in what are we talking here? We are talking about Yogurt! The fermentation of lactose gives the unique and easily recognizable form and flavor to yogurt. It contains around 81% of water and is a rich source of sugar too. Sweetened and flavored yogurt are widely popular in the recent times. Around 100 gram of yogurt fulfills your 1 glass of daily water requirement.

5. Strawberries:

We all love strawberry and that is an unproven fact! But it many folks won’t disagree with us on this. The juicy texture, aroma and unique taste make it stand as a quite attractive fruit and is often portrayed to showcase sensual desires! It contains around 90% of water and is a rich source of Calcium and Magnesium. Laboratory studies have found that strawberries contain anticancer properties. Few strawberries will fulfill your 2 glass of water requirement.

6. Pineapple:

Pineapple comes from the family of Bromeliaceae. They are used in wide range of cuisines across the world. There are around 7 types of pineapples grown in the world. It contains around 86% of water and is a rich source of Carbohydrates and sugar. 

As we have seen having any of these vegetable or fruits handy around us will surely fulfill our normal water requirements and keep our body hydrated. More than that this vegetables and food are tasty and contain good source of vitamins and other nutrients. 

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