9 Best Short Spiky Hair Design For Men

Short hair is the most straight and simple hairstyle. A lot of women would like to go on a date with a guy with a short and modish haircut. Spiky haircuts do look so trendy, cool and stunning on all men. It is one haircut that is tried by many men once in a lifetime.  The magnificence of this enthralling and amazing haircut will make any person look fashionable and popular. These haircuts for men, really simple to do, you can simply use high-quality hair products and can flaunt these amazing styles. Since all men are not the same, every spike hairdo shall be unquestionably special.  We have compiled few of the trendy spiky hairstyles for men that will surely suit your personality. Have a look!

Below Are The 9 Best Short Spiky Hair Design For Men:

1. Thick Spike

This type of hairstyle is best for thick hairs. A person who is having thick hairs can move for this style by having short spikes. Their hair will look great and attractive when the person will add some gel to their hairs. The hair stylist will make your hair in the better way by leaving enough hairs on top in order to create medium sized bangs.

2. Spikes In The Middle

If the person will not like the frontal spikes in classical look them you can easily move for the different stylish look. This hairstyle is easily made by created by dividing the hair to the middle and then moving it to upwards. It can easily make be done by applying a minimum amount of gel to the hair.

3. Classic Spike

This type of hairstyle is mostly preferred by many mens. This hairstyle is very easy as the person can easily do this style with their both hands. They can easily divide the hair from middle and then use their hands from down to upward direction.

4. Messy And Stylish

Most of the Guys prefer this styles as they make the real mess on their head which makes them unique and called as a stylish guy in the crowd. By using this type of hair style, a person will forget about brushing. They can even use their fingers to make their hair messy and stylish in nature.

5. Soft And Spiky

Men that are having thick and straight hair can easily go for this style by using some gel to their hairs which can easily create spikes. This type of hairstyle will not look odd as the person can use this hairstyle while moving to school and office.

6. Windblown Spike

This type of hairstyle is best as it gives an amazing look and requires less maintenance in nature too. In this style of hairstyle, a spike is created in front part and then it is swept to another side by creating the thick wave. It will make you unique in the crowd.

7. Short Spiky Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle is mostly preferred by a younger generation. In this type of hairstyle, the both sides are shaved and the middle part is left in order to give textured look. It is easy to create spikes by just applying some gel to hairs.

8. Medium High

When you are moving for spiky cut, and then you have to consider the length of the hair which you are leaving for a top. If the hairs are long you have to spend more time in that. Choose the best option for medium high for a best hairstyle.

9. Side Swept

This style is good if you are having long hair. Among them are long bangs, which are having spiky and side swept. It will give you unique and cool look till the hairs are neat and clean.

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