9 Awesome Leg Workouts For Super Strong Legs

It is probably a well-known fact that the term fitness indicates the overall personality of an individual. Therefore it wouldn’t be something quite entertaining if one gets to consider only the appealing body parts such as biceps triceps to be fit. This isn’t any surprise as many of the people are solely diverted towards the gym workouts that lay a lot of concentration towards the building of some really strong upper part of the body and in the meanwhile, the lower half of the body is totally ignored. This is something to think about as legs do deserve equal importance in considering the tone of a body and also one has to make a lot of attempts in building up some super strong legs. This is highly essential as some well-toned legs reflect your shape as well as your overall fitness levels. All of a sudden, an individual might not be in a position to decide which workouts are suitable for training the legs. In this regard, this article features some amazing leg workouts that have to be included in the gym session of a person. It is recommended by all the people to take a note of these exercises and get to make your legs a lot stronger than before.

1. Speed Squats

Squats exercise has numerous variations included in it and this exercise is something that solely concentrates on the fitness of the legs. The name itself unleashes the fact that, in this particular exercise all you’re supposed to perform are squats and that too with a quick pace. For effective benefits of this squats exercise, it is highly recommended for a person to take a barbell in both of your hands and make sure that the weight isn’t too heavy as it would be difficult to practice speed squats if the weight is actually high. After getting to hold the barbell, move up and down in the way you normally perform squats and the count or the time can be the same as specified by your gym instructor. This exercise can get to apply a lot of force on both of your legs and this can assist a lot in toning the shape of your leg muscles in an efficient manner.

2. Barbell Squat

This exercise is quite similar to that of the previous one but there’s slight difference in both the exercises. In this particular exercise, all you’re actually supposed to do is nothing but to do squats like the previous one. However, the only variations come in the pace of the squats as well as the weight of the barbell. Here it would always be better if you use some more weighed barbell rather than sticking on to the first one and the pace of this exercise has to be lowered a lot for some healthy benefits. Practicing this exercise regularly can be highly helpful in toning the leg muscles in a perfect shape and it can also drain out excess calories that are present. In other words, this particular exercise can be helpful in thrashing out the excess cholesterol level present and therefore, it is highly recommended by all the people to include this particular exercise in their gym session for some better leg benefits.

3. Barbell Lunge

Lunges always fall under the category of basic exercises that can be included in the pre and the post workout sessions. However it must always be remembered that lunges are practiced in order to strengthen your legs for the further activity. One such lunge exercise that is included in this list is nothing but the conventional barbell lunge exercise. In this exercise, all you’ve to do is to grab a barbell with both of your hands and then get to practice the lunges like the usual. For any queries, one can take assistance from the picture included along with the description where the postures perfectly depict the way of performing this exercise on the whole.

4. Dumbbell Lunge

This exercise is almost similar to that of the previous one but there’s only a single difference and that can easily be caught by looking at the name of the workout itself. Unlike the previous exercise, where you used barbell, in this exercise all one needs are a pair of dumbbells in both of the hands and later the lunges workout follows the usual procedure. Another important thing that has to be kept in mind is that the dumbbells are be held in downwards unlike the barbells where you lift it over your head all in all.

5. Hack Squat

This is indeed the third squat exercise that is included in the list and in this particular exercise, one has to rest them on an inclined machine as shown in the figure and then you’ve to carry on with the usual squat workout and this exercise can be highly helpful in strengthening your legs.

6. Leg Press

Another conventional and one of the most effective leg exercise that is included in the list and the method of performing this exercise isn’t quite difficult as all one needs to do is to rest in an inclined bench barbell setup as shown in the figure and later move your legs to and fro such that the barbell actually goes up and down. Indulging in this exercise can be highly beneficial to your legs especially the quads region is strengthened a lot.

7. Lateral Lunge

This is probably the first exercise of the list where you do not require weights and the name itself suggests that all you’ve done in this exercise is to perform the regular lunges but in the lateral direction.

8. Calf Raises

Calf raises is indeed an interesting exercise and also one of the easy ones included in the list. Practicing this exercise isn’t very difficult and all one has to do is to raise the level of calves by taking the support from a pole or anything else.

9. Split Squat Jumps

One of the most effective exercises in the list and this exercise can easily be performed as they are just a bit different from the routine squats and the method of performing this exercise is clearly depicted in the picture.

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