8 Weighted ABS Exercises For A Shredded Stomach

Toned and flab fewer abs are something every man gets swooned over! Shredded stomach with the power pack abs can make men look more stunning and desirable for sure and this is of the reasons why you should build some! For a perfect strong body, healthy life and a breathtaking smashing look, shred all the flab and tone your stomach as never before! Here are some classic and promising moves which can help you all the stomach flab and will also strengthen your abs while sculpting them! Try these moves on a daily basis and you will notice a difference in your posture! A lean, muscular and tight look is something which you will get as a result of these awesome moves! So buck up and go for these super cool moves!

1. Weighted Russian Twists

Russian twists are the best workouts which and tone your sides and abs and can leave you with fine and sculpted abs! If you want to reduce all the flab and make your abs amazingly toned, here is the special weighted variation of Russian twists you can perform. Hold the weight or ball in your hand and perform the Russian twists with some rigorous speed to get more amazing effects!

2. Hanging Leg Raises

This is a very high-intensity workout which will sculpt and tone the abs as never before! Hold a bar and hang on this bar, perform the leg raises which will need extreme stress and pressure! While you raise your legs till the stomach, your abs will get amazing tone and will also sharpen your belly area! If you want to shred all the stomach fat effectively and tone the sides, this is the perfect exercise which you must try!

3. Weighted Side Planks

Weighted side planks are awesome and will help in toning your abs amazingly! Stay in shape with this amazing workout which will directly sharpen your abs and will keep you toned! This is a workout which will target your abs and lower body muscles and will also strengthen your arms! Hold the small dumbbells or weight in your left hand while you rest on your right hand for performing the side planks! This is one of the best ab toning weighted workouts which you must try!

4. Free Weight Crunches

You are able to carry a free weight while performing the crunches which are one of the best and promising workouts which can give you a flat and toned stomach! For dazzling abs, this is the best workout which you can consider. While you perform the weighted ab workout, your abs would get ribbed in an awesome way while also toning your sides! For a crisp and tighter body, this is the best workout which you must perform! Your abs would get a perfect shape and all the flab will get easily shredded form your tummy area!

5. Weighted Windmills

If you love to carry small weight in your hand while performing your workouts, here is a cool and promising workout which will ton your abs and if you are a beginner to ab toning workouts, here is the perfect workout which will help you lose flab from your stomach area! If you have fatty and weighty ab area, perform the weighted windmills and your stomach will start getting toned and flab free gradually! This is a magical workout which will target your stomach area, help in melting the extra fat and will tone your abs in a perfect way! For ideal fat loss and to get dazzling abs, perform he weighted windmills and get cool results!

6. Weighted Lunges

Lunges are one of the iconic workouts which can target the lower body and can help in reducing fat. If you have a heavy stomach and want to fight all the flab hanging around your waist area, this is the perfect multi benefit work out which will give awesome results. Hold the dumbbells in both your hands and perform the lunges. You can also perform the walking lunges for more crisp and awesome results.

7. Cable Pull Down

Cable pull down makes you use your stomach and abdominal muscles and thus, it is on of the ideal workouts for losing fat from belly and to tone the abs! Perform 10-15 repetition of cable pull downs daily and your abs would get toned gradually!

8. Bent Over Rows

You can perform bent over rows or different workouts variations which will contribute in toning your abdominal muscles. For losing belly fat and to get toned abs, sides and completely body. This s the perfect move which you must try! This is one of the best exercises to shed flab from your belly and will super tone the stomach area!

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