8 Ways To Handle Stress

In the modern busy world, stress is one of the most common problems that all working people face. The work pressure and competition are so high that no matter what you do, stress follows you everywhere. But, this is not a very hopeless situation. If you follow some basic strategies and work accordingly, you can definitely reduce your stress level to a great extent. Following are eight very practical, proven and no-nonsense ways to manage stress.

Here Are The  8 Ways To Handle Stress:

1. Take A Breath Break

The easiest thing you can do to handle stress is to take a breath break. For example, if you are feeling stressed after coming out of a tense meeting, you can just sit for a few minutes, better if in complete privacy, then close your eyes and take deep breathe. Start inhaling and count to five, then hold the breath and count to five, and finally exhale in equal counts. Use your nose, not mouth, to inhale and exhale. Try to focus on your breathing pattern while you do this, and not on your thought patterns.

2. Exercise Regularly

An early morning walk, a little jogging in the park, or just spending some time in the gym will play a crucial role in relaxing not just your body but your mind as well. It will sharpen your focus, increase your energy level and lift your mood.

3. Make Right Food Choices

Eat healthy foods only and avoid fast food products. Also, eat small, frequent meals instead of three big meals. Drink plenty of water. Never skip your breakfast. Try to take your lunch and dinner in time. Also, get two-three little snacks in the remaining time slots. Cigarette and alcohol are two major culprits that can actually worsen your stress, but most people go for them when they feel stressed. Say strict no to them. Eat fresh fruits.

4. Do One Thing At A Time

Try to organize the types of work in your office into two categories – things that you can do one at a time and things that require you to do some multi-tasking. For most part of the day, focus on doing one thing at a time. But, assign a specific time slot in your working hours for things that require multi-tasking. The key point is to manage your work in a way that should improve your focus and make things easier to handle.

5. Keep A Small Pocket Diary

One of the major reasons why many people fall into a stressful situation is only because they just forget about doing something important in time. So, keep a diary and write everything in it. You can also set alarms and reminders in your mobile phone for specific tasks.

6. Act, Not React

Obviously, not everything is in your control. Some situations are created not by you but by various circumstances. Still, there are plenty of things that remain in your control. Identify both the aspects and invest all your energy into doing things that are in your control. This will ease the situation and the stress level will eventually reduce.

7. Be More Social

Most of the times, when you are stressed, you tend not to talk to anybody and live alone in depression. But, you must do the opposite. Meet people who care about you face to face, talk to them, share your feelings and if possible go for some fun time together. This will definitely unload a lot of stress from your head. Remember, it will not fix your problem. It will only make you feel less stressed and will improve your ability to make right choices and take correct decisions.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough quality sleep will only worsen your situation and it will become more difficult for you to deal with the same. So, after you return from work, get fresh and spend some quality time with someone who cares for you. It will unload some stress from your head. Then, go for a night walk, if possible, after dinner. It will unload some more. Now come back, take a bath and then go to sleep. Taking a bath just before you go to bed is a trick that works for most people. It further relaxes your body and helps you fall into a sound sleep. Remember, you must sleep at least 6-8 hours every day in one stretch. For best results, use ear plugs.

Overall, as you can see, if you do a little time management, know how to organize your tasks, eat well, exercise regularly, work on to get sound quality sleep and follow other simple techniques, you can easily handle your stress to a great extent. The key point is to try and be positive in all situations.

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