8 Standing Ab Exercises For People Who Hate Crunches

Getting toned washboard abs is almost like a dream to some of us. With the gyms suddenly sprouting all over the fitness revolution has become aggressive in the past few years. Still, there are people who have hectic schedules and are unable to crunch in some time pumping iron. Also, there are the ones who are lazy and occasionally try to fit into a healthy lifestyle. Making your abs more attractive can be strenuous with all the crunches and sit-ups. One might strain the back muscles too much leading to sprains and painful discomfort. Well, do not fret because we have some interesting sets of standing up abs exercises that prove to be easy alternatives.

Standing Abs Exercises For People Who Hate Crunches Are:

1. Wide Second Side Crunch:

Keep your feet wide apart with the toes pointing outwards. For balancing the core hold two dumbbells at 90 degrees. Now stretch yourself upwards, and then pull yourself downwards to wider squats. Attempt to reach your elbow to the thigh while you bend right and then left. Repeat ten times to the right and then ten times to the left. This exercise will slim your waist and trim your abs.

2. Reverse Chop:

You will need a medicine ball to perform this exercise. Hold the medicine ball towards your left hip bending into a squatting position. Slowly raise your arms across the body in a standing position; the ball must be above your right shoulder while standing. Bent downwards back to your squatting position, repeat it twenty times. It is almost like miming the action of chopping wood with an axe.

3. Standing Bends With Dumbbells Overhead:

Great workout to engage all your core and back muscles to tone your abs. Activate your core muscles by holding the dumbbell above your head squeezing your ears with your arms in the process. Stretch your spine upwards then slowly bend towards your right, move back to straight position. Repeat by turning towards the left; do not move your hips while bending. Ten sets on each side for sixty seconds.

4. Single Leg Sprint:

Position yourself in a low lunge by bending your left knee, stretch your right leg behind you and extend your arms overhead almost like a praying mantis position. Raise your right knee so that it comes in position with your chest like a thrusting kick. Bring the leg backwards again in the same position and repeat. Do twenty sets on either side. This free flowing motion is like doing a karate kick, it not only strengthens the abs but also works on the core.

5. Chair Pose Twist:

This exercise mimics the position of sitting on a chair with a twist. One has to squat and keep the legs a bit wide to engage all the muscles. You can place your hands behind your head or simply fold them in a Namaste position or just hold your palms together, whichever is comfortable. Reach for your left hip with your left elbow trying to touch your left knee, hold the position for a minute to breath. Then switch back to the right. Keep repeating this action like a swinging motion for twenty sets each.

6. Overhead Circles:

You will need a medicine ball ball for this exercise. It is simple and fun and will remind you of your childhood. Hold the medicine ball above your head with your legs wide apart. Now draw an imaginary circle above your head by rotating the ball. All this time just move your hips slightly. Repeat the circles clockwise thirty times and then switch to anti-clockwise thirty times.

7. Side Leg Raise With Dumbbells:

Simple exercise where one will need dumbbells to engage the leg stretches and the core muscles. Stand straight holding the dumbbells to the sides. Then raise your left leg while bending towards the left side crunching your side muscles in the process,slowly switch back to the standing straight postion. Repeat with the right side. Do this twenty sets each.

8. Standing Stable:

For this exercise you can either hold a medicine ball or dumbbell in your hand. Hold the object straight ahead of you by stretching your arms in front of your chest. Stand straight with shoulders pressed firmly down, move your upper torso to the right and then back to the center. Repeat the action in a swinging motion towards the left. Keep doing this for ten times to the right and then to the left. Engage your core muscles and hold your abs stiff for better results.

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