8 Natural Laxatives Foods You Must Eat

Indigestion causes burning and pain in the upper stomach. It is called dyspepsia too. Gastritis is a swelling, soreness, or corrosion of the internal lining of the abdomen. Helicobacter pylori are bacteria that exist in the mucus lining of the stomach. If the condition is not treated in time the infection may advance into ulcers.

In some cases even stomach cancer. Studies prove that medication cannot serve good for a long period of time as the body develops resistance to those medications. Natural laxatives are recommended for more effective treatment. Natural foods do not have harmful side effects.

1. Leafy Vegetables:

All kinds of leafy vegetables help in detoxifying the body. Eat greens, bitter gourd, cabbage, wheat grass, and all the leafy vegetables that will serve as natural laxatives to help in the digestion of food because they are very high in nourishing and digestible fiber, folic acid, vitamins C and K, calcium and magnesium. All these are the required nutrients that the body needs for healthy digestion and general health. It will aid in the increased secretion and flow of bile. Bile is the element that separates waste from the blood and organs of the body.

2. Nuts And Raw Seeds:

Nuts and raw seeds are very rich in protein and they have fiber content. Nuts and seeds have all the right characteristics that help the body to be healthy. Almonds, flax seeds, walnut, seeds of vegetables like pumpkin, cucumber and sunflower seeds too are inclusive.

3. Bananas:

Bananas are tasty and digestion friendly for our system. Bananas are affordable even to the poor man. The rich and the less fortunate man can afford to buy this fruit. Eating a banana after a meal helps digestion. Bananas have high fiber. Bananas have the capacity to reconstruct electrolytes and stimulate the development of benign intestinal bacteria.

4. Melons:

Melons of all variety have high volume of water. It facilitates beneficial digestion with no blockage on the way. It helps in the clearing and cleansing of the system and keeps it healthy.

5. Apples:

Apples are protein rich and they contribute to proper and regular bowel operation. Pectin that is found in apples serves as a firming operative. Apple juice has the same effect but eating the fibrous fruit is more effective as it provides bulk for good bowel operation. Pregnant women are often given apples to eat that helps bowel movement and also rich in nutrients and beneficial to the body.

6. Beetroot:

Beet root is a very good and effective vegetable. Its juice is also very good for system cleansing and detoxification. The beetroot has an enzyme that helps to speed up the bowel movement process. Beets are a good source to improve hemoglobin also. Beetroot is an economical vegetable and easily available in the market. It is both affordable by the rich and the poor in the society.

7. Ginger:

Ginger is a cleanser and it improves the overall abundance to the whole digestive system. Ginger juice that is good for digestion is taken with a little sugar or jaggery by boiling the concoction. It helps to cure indigestion and improves digestion and relieves stomach ailments and pain.

Ginger tea is also said to be soothing and helps easy and harmless digestion without any side effects. Medication and tablets may have harmful side effects and disturb the system causing irreparable damage.

8. Water:

Water is the best drink that we have been blessed with. Our human body consists 60 percent of water. We have to drink enough water for the effective operation of our digestive system. Our body uses this liquid in all the cells and organs and tissues that helps in regulating the temperature of the body and to maintain the functions of the body.

Our body loses water when we sweat and digest. It is very important to keep the system rehydrated by drinking the required amount of water every day. If you live it warm and humid climate you will have to drink more water to keep your system active and healthy. Water helps to protect the joints and tissues in our body even the spinal cord. The blood bones and the brain too need water to keep and maintain excellent levels of moisture.

The amount of water required by an individual depends on his system. Drink whenever you feel thirsty. Healthy people drink enough water and fluids like soups and juices that help in disease control and prevention of dehydration. Carry a bottle of water where ever you go especially during summer. The urine color should be pale yellow not yellow or dark yellow or even colorless.

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