8 Lumbar Strengthening And Stabilizing Exercises For Bodybuilders

Lumbar strengthening workouts are specially made for the people who want to build strong and powerful muscle. This amazing workout is essential for toning the muscles and improves the core stability. It keeps you fresh and energetic even at the end of the day. When you work out the Lumbar strengthening exercise, you can feel the high energy and speed throughout the day. Here are the 8 best lumbar strengthening exercises which would get you strong muscle in short time.

1. Hamstring Stretch:

Hamstring stretch is an excellent exercise for everyone who wants to build muscle and body. If you are looking out for the perfect workout that increases the stamina and improve your Lumbar strength, then this is what you need. Moreover, you should try it at least once in a day. You don’t need to work out hard for this amazing exercise as this is simple and comfy to do at any while. Simply lie down and bent your knees to forward position and hold your body for 5-10 minutes. Make sure that you have to support your thigh with both hands. Repeat the sequence with another leg.

2. Kneeling Extension:

Kneeling extension is such a great workout idea, which would strengthen the muscles and keep you energetic all day long. If you are the beginner and is searching for the best workout that will help to improve the core strength and stability, here is the perfect workout exercise that is simple as well as easy for the beginners. Kneeling extension mainly target at building endurance and strong muscles and that is what the dream of many bodybuilders.

3. Exercise Ball Bridge:

Exercise Ball Bridge is the most advanced stabilization exercise for the athletes. This powerful exercise is simple and easy for the beginners yet it gives speed, power and strengthening the muscle to great extent. Make sure that you maintain neutral spine position while performing this workout. Moreover, keep the legs straight and lie down on the big ball. Meanwhile, hold on to this posture and tighten the buttock muscles and lift it off from the ground as high as possible. You have to lift it at least 3 inches above the ground.

4. Sitting Knee Exercise:

Sitting knee exercise is one of the easiest ways to improve your lumbar strength and stability. Take the long breath for a second and sit on the chair comfortably. You need to raise your knee entirely from the floor and it should be at least 7cm from the floor. Meanwhile, raise your right hand. Repeat the sequence by another knee and hand. This would be very easy but painful when you hold on to this posture for more than 5 minutes. Nevertheless, it is an effective way to sculpt the posture by activating every muscle in the leg.

5. Windshield Wipers:

Windshield wipers are an excellent exercise for everyone who wants to build muscle and body. .This is quite crazy and suitable for everyone who is struggling to activate every part of the body. Although this can be a perfect exercise for athletes, this is especially performed by women to build the oblique muscle which is the location the side of the stomach.

6. Wall Sit Work Out:

This is the powerful exercise is imperative for every athlete as it mainly focuses the workout on the leg which ensures strong muscle around the leg. Wall sit workout is such a great idea for strengthening the muscles at any age. Well, we know sitting in the chair comfortably all day long. But how it would be if you sitting on the space without any chair? It quite funny and crazy for you when you are starting up this workout at the first day. Yet a powerful exercise that is specially made for improve the lumbar strength as you have to slide in the wall and support your entire body by legs.

7. Dumbbells:

Dumbells are one of the popular exercises which are performed by both men and women. It is earned its popularity due to the cool and professional result. If a strong and solid muscle is your dream then this is the perfect exercise for you which would increase the stamina and strengthen your muscle. It is very interesting as well as the powerful exercise which keeps you fit and strong forever.

8. Lateral Raises:

Lateral raises are simple yet powerful exercise to strengthen the muscles around the hand. Sit in a comfortable position and raise your both body around the sides ad hold the dumbbell for a few minutes. If you are looking out for a perfect workout that will melt the armpit and strengthen the core muscles around the arm then this is the good solution for you.

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