8 Exercises To Get The Strong Wrist

Now a days good physique is loved by everyone, if you have a good body, then you have a lot of the confidence in yourself, if you want to have good body, then you need to work on the each part of the body, wrist are also most important part, it actually gives you strength to lift up the weight and if you have thin wrist and you lift up weight, you might get injured, here are some of the exercises, by which you can have strong wrist and you will have perfect arms.

Below Are The 8 Exercises To Get The Strong Wrist:

1. Knuckle Push Up

This is the best way to make your wrist strong, in this you need to make the punch and do the push ups by doing the push ups, make sure your wrist should be straight otherwise you will have the wrist pain easily, do the maximum push ups.

2. Wrist Extension On Rope

This is the easy exercise for the wrist but the result and quite impressive, hold the rope of the pulley push down machine so that the palm facing to each other, make your wrist tight, now bend your wrist to up and and down slowly, now do the maximum repetitions, increase the weight in each set and do the 4 sets.

3. Dumbbell On Bench

Take the small bench, now hold the dumbbell in your hands, now place your arms on the bench, now slowly up the dumbbell through the wrist only, now hold it at the top and release it by rolling it to the tip of the fingers, keep your arms tight on the bench, do the 25 repetitions and reduce the repetitions and increase the weight in each sets.

4. Dumbbell Twisting

Now take the dumbbell in your hands, make 90 degree angle to the elbow, twist the dumbbell to anti clock wise and then to the clock wise, twist to the maximum limit, do the maximum repetitions as you can and do the 4 sets of it.

5. Rope Rolling

Take the big rod, now tie a rope in it of about 1 meter long, now add 1 pound of the plate to it, now raise your hands straight to the shoulder height, now roll the rope by twisting your hands, as the rope is completely roll on the rod, then unroll it, do it for at least 4 times and 4 sets.

6. Weight On The Barbell

Take the biceps barbell, add weight according to your strength, tie it, now grip it from the middle, make sure your post wrist are close to each other, now make your elbow fix, bend your wrist to the down side, now raise it up to the chest and then go back to the thigh, do the 15 repetitions of it and do the 4 sets of it.

7. Reverse Twist On Barbell

This is the best and hard exercise in this hold the shoulder barbell from the back, your hands will be reverse positions, now add twist the wrist up and down, very slowly till your maximum limit. Do the 5 sets of it. This you make your wrist big.

8. Dips On Wall

This exercise is done when you have finished all of your exercise, bend yourself towards the wall, now put the pressure on the wrist, raise the body backward by pushing the wall through the wrist only and come back to the rest positions, make sure that the elbow is straight, do only 10 repetitions and 4 sets.

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