8 Effective Yoga Poses For Improving Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is immensely important for our body. It helps out different systems to work and function properly. The cardiovascular system, neurological system, digestive system etc work on proper blood circulation. Also your skin, hair and scalp get nourished with proper blood circulation. Nowadays, due to hectic life and hours and hours of work in the office, the mobility and physical activities of humans have gradually decreased.

This can cause issues in the circulatory system and can also lead to various problems. In such cases, yoga has emerged as one of the best techniques to improve blood circulation. Here are some interesting yoga poses which you can try to improve blood circulation and to stay healthy!

1. The Triangle Pose :

This is an awesome pose which can improve blood circulation and make it reach each and every part of your body. the triangle pose is easiest pose which you can perform for blood flow. Stand straight and keep your feet wide. Not touch the right leg with right hand while raising the other hand in air. This pose helps in improving blood flow and keeps you healthy!

2. The Downward Dog Pose:

This is a promising pose which can improve blood flow and can supply oxygenated blood to each and every part of your body. For the downward dog pose, stand straight and stretch your body. Bend downwards from the abdomen. Now rest your body on your legs and your hands. Stretch your abdomen and spine and this would help your blood to flow amazingly throughout the body!

3. Warrior Pose:

Warrior pose is one of the easiest poses which have different benefits over the body. The warrior pose is quite an essential pose. It engages your back, torso, arms and various body parts while also promoting blood flow. There are different ways to perform the warrior pose but stretch your left leg behind and right leg forward. Keep your arms wide and look at the sky! This is a promising yoga pose to boost blood flow!

4. The Pigeon Pose:

When you perform this amazing pose, your digestive system also gets boosted. The blood flow increases and your body gets flexible.sit don on your yoga mat with your legs folded. Now, stretch your one leg in the backward direction. Keep your toe pointed towards the ceiling and also maintain straight posture. Try this amazing pose and allow blood flow in your body! Perform this pose daily to keep your circulatory system active and healthy!

5. Leg In Air Pose:

If you want the blood to circulate through your entire body, here is an elevating pose which would never fail to get you awesome results. The leg in air pose helps the blood to travel I reverse and prevent the blood vessels from getting damaged! Thus, go for this amazing pose if you want a healthy body and adequate blood supply! Whenever you get free, raise your legs and perform this elevation exercise to keep the blood flowing!

6. Camel Pose:

The camel pose has different benefits on the body along with blood circulation. While performing the camel pose, you can stretch your back, legs, torso and all the body parts. This support can allow blood flow as well can aid digestion, can improve your metabolic rate and various issues. For the camel pose, sit on your knees and keep your toes pointed and in the backward position from your abdomen and stretch your body. This is an awesome pose which you can try daily and your blood flow would get improved gradually!

7. Chair Pose:

The chair pose is effective if you are suffering from low blood flow. The chair pose can make you feel stretchy and flexible. This pose can help in tightening thighs, hips and get your blood flow regular. With this pose you can ensure blood circulation in each and every part of the body. It helps in supporting the back and also provides flexibility and strength. Try this amazing pose while pretending to sit and hold on this position. Release when you feel pain in the lower body! Nourish your body with this awesome pose!

8. Rabbit Pose:

This is a very effective pose which can help in improving blood circulation in your body. The sasangasana is a pose in which you bend your head towards your knees while in the sitting position to ensure blood supply. This helps the blood to transport to and fro in the body and prevent the damage in blood vessels! Try this extremely beneficial pose and boost blood circulation in your body!

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