8 Effective Exercises For Strong Ankles And Feet

We have witnessed that while performing the rigorous workouts, while going for running and for tough physical activities, the ankles and feet get hurt very easily! Weak ankles and feet may also disturb you while performing all the day to day chores and thus, it is extremely important to make your legs extremely strong! While you perform the high intensity workouts, your ankles and fete may also get injured for which you will need some amazing workouts which you can use for strengthening your ankles, feet and legs! To keep your legs strong, flexible and maintain your balance, here are some cool workouts which you can perform! To prevent injuries, to make your legs strong, here are some amazing exercises which you must try!

1. One Leg Squats

Trending nowadays, this amazing workout can work magically on our feet and ankles, if you are looking for a workout which can strengthen your legs and make you more flexible, the one leg squats must be considered. While you perform the one leg squats you other legs get balanced and your knees, feet, and ankles are benefited. Daily perform the one leg squat for 20 minutes for both the legs and your legs will get strong day by day! This is one of the high impact workouts which can give you strength and perfect balance!

2. Ankle Circles

This is a very low impact and soothing workout which can have magical results on your feet. Ankles are feet are the target zones which can easily get affected when you perform some rigorous workouts. Ankle circles will thus help you keep safe and protected while out perform some hardcore workouts. Sit with both your legs stretched outwards and relax. Now perform the ankle circles while rotating your feet from the ankles in the clockwise direction, perform few circles and repeat in the anti clockwise direction. This amazing workout will keep your ankles and feet strong!

3. One Leg Stand

This is a pure balancing activity which can make your legs ankles and feet completely strong. Your legs are very strong and for performing tough workouts, running and such serious activities, you will need proper balancing act! One leg sand will target on various groups of muscles like your ankles, feet knees and will help you strengthen these parts! Thus, perform the one leg stand with each leg for 10 minutes a day and this will help you prevent various injuries and keep perfect balance!

4. Step Ups

Mild step ups are the workouts which can help me strengthening your legs. If you suffer from leg and feet injuries very frequently, this is a workout which you must consider. Get low height stairs and step perform step up for each leg with slow repetitions! This will simply make your knees, feet, and ankles strong!

5. Scissor Hops

Hopping has a stunning and clear impact on the ankles. If you are looking forward to make our ankles and feet storing, you must perform a set of scissor hops daily. Thes is a workout which includes moving your legs back and forth. These random and quick movements will make your ankles super strong while providing balance to your feet. If you are the one who regularly suffer form some of the other leg injuries, consider this cool workout and strengthen your legs in a magical way!

6. Thread Band Pull Ups

If you are unaware about the thread bands, these are the bands which are used for leg strengthening and to provide flexibility in your legs. The banded workouts always help in improving performance and in avoiding injuries. If you are looking for the workouts which can prevent injure and make your legs super strong, here is a cool workout with thread bands which you can consider. Hang on the bar and place the thread band under your feet. Perform the pull-ups and feel the stretch in your legs! This is multi benefit workout which will not only strengthen your legs but will also make your knees, feet and ankles tighter!

7. Calf Stretches

The calf stretches are awesome and can also benefit your ankles and feel. When you perform this soothing workout, your different muscles like the calves, knees, ankles and feet get targeted. If you are looking for a workout which can stretch and repair your ankles and feet and keep it prevented form injuries, perform the bent leg calf stretches for perfect balance and stretch!

8. Calf Raises

Calf raises or heel raises are the workout especially for your legs. For toning strengthening and sculpting your legs, this is the best workout. Also your feet and ankles will get easily toned with this workout. Stand on your feet and raise your heels upwards, stretch as much as you can and feel a perfect balance!

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