8 Easy High Intensity Exercises For Beginners

High intensity exercise is a great way to go about your fitness goals and lose extra pounds that have made you totally out of shape. This exercise program excites quite a lot of people for being fast paced and effective in losing extra calories in quick time. High intensity exercise or HIIT does come with some precautions though especially of you are a beginner raring to go. The first precondition has to be assessment of your body’s condition before exercise. If you are staging a comeback to fitness after nursing injury or are a beginner, the best way to start your regime is by starting off with less rigorous exercise.

Another reason why high intensity exercise have found acceptance among beginners is because most of the exercise don’t require equipments, a big plus for those who don’t want to spend much on daily. So here are the 8 high intensity exercises that we believe will set your heart racing as beginner.

Below Are The 8 Easy High Intensity Exercises For Beginners:

1. Burpees

The best full body high intensity workout for a beginner has to be burpee. The four steps involved in the exercise gives it the name of “four step burpee”. Burpees get started with you standing straight as a line. Next comes the quick n swift chain of getting down with knees bent and hands touching the floor to get set for the push up. Perform one complete push up and hold the position for a few seconds before you rise and go for a small jump up and over. A minimum 10 reps will keep the body on track.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is a great exercise to bring your body back in elements. The simplest exercise does not cause much exhaustion or chances of injury either. You must stand keeping your legs hip-width apart and keep on jumping by raising your arms. This process has to be done as fast as possible.

3. Around The World Push Up

This form of push up starts on a high plank position that can be achieved with the use of a bench. Once in this position, cross your left leg on the right and do one push up. Increase the intensity by increasing the arm gap by a few inches and do the next push up. Orbit the hands for creating a full circle and also change your cross leg position from left to right.

4. Prisoner Jump Squat

The easier way to get washboard abs and thighs strong as steel is by performing at least three reps 15 prisoner jump squats. Position on your hands behind your head while standing straight by maintain slight hip-width and lower your body into squat position with chest kept up and forward. Jump up from the squat position and get set for another rep.

5. Butt Kicks

The best part about butt kicks are that it fine tunes the body of a beginner to the challenges of jogging and sprinting. Butt kick is done by performing the action of running whilst you are in the stationary position. Make sure that you raise your leg high so it reaches your hips.

6. Toy Soldier Stretch

It does not toy with your body. Rather it makes for a vigorous and high intensity exercise. The idea is pretty simple- stretch your legs high enough to work on hamstrings and maintain poise while doing so. At one complete raise of your left leg, you must touch the palms of your right hand and the right leg must touch the left height after it stretches forward to the maximum. The only area to look out for is how high you can lift your leg which brings body’s flexibility into the equation.

7. Alternating Side Lunges

Regarded as one of the key components of high intensity exercise, beginners should try alternating side lunges without weights. Stand with your legs hip width apart and move your body toward the left hand position in lunge action. Return to the starting point before lunging toward right. 10 reps on each side make this exercise one of the fastest calorie buster you would ever do.

8. Rocking Elbow Plank

The apparent inactive exercise makes the intensity level higher than most other exercises. A variation of plank, rocking elbow plank is done by keeping the arms locked as though they form a triangle on the inside. Like planks, you need to engage core muscles of your body in this position for as long as your body can absorb the intense rigors. Try and look forward and focus on the key muscles for making it even more effective.

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