8 Amazing Workouts For Flat Stomach

One of the most important things that comes in the mind of a person when he actually gets to hear about workouts is about his stomach. In this regard, this article gets to feature some of the amazing workouts that can be highly helpful in shaping your stomach in a stunning way.

1. Archer Row

One of the most worthy workouts on the list and it is also known by the name commando rows. Performing this exercise is quite simple and for this, all one has to do is to take up the push up position initially. The only difference here is that you’ve taken the position in such a way that the legs are actually widened unlike the usual push up methods. Later, take both the dumbbells in both of your hands such your body weight is now solely on your legs. Lift one dumbbell up as shown in the figure and later, bring the hand to the rest position and then proceed the same with the other hand as well. The pace of the exercise and the duration solely depends on your stamina levels and requirements.

2. Push Ups

One of the simplest exercises in the list and also a familiar one which is performed by all the people irrespective of the fact that they visit the gym or not. Most of the times, we find people who are a lot conscious about their workout sessions practice this workout during their warm up session or their post workout session for some relief. The method of performing this particular exercise is quite simple and one needs no gym equipment or a special place to practice this exercise and all that is required is a small place where you can carry out this particular work out peacefully. In the initial stage of the workout take the position as depicted in the figure. You’ve to make sure that your body weight is totally in both your hands as well as legs. Then keeping your hands and legs at the same position, try to lift the remaining portion of your body up and down. You can continue this exercise for a few minutes or you can also limit this exercise for a few counts which depend on your ability and stamina level.

3. Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge

Lunges are known to be some of the most amazing workouts that have to be included in the routine of a person and dumbbell overhead lunge is indeed a special type of lunge that can be highly beneficial to the stomach as it can get to tone your stomach in an awesome manner. For this all one requires are a pair of dumbbells where you’ve to them over your head and then get to perform lunges workout in a usual manner.

4. Medicine Ball Slam

One of the easiest exercises of the list and one need not worry a lot about performing this particular exercise as all that involves here is a medicine ball which is nearly about six pounds in weight. One has to lift the ball over his head and then slam it into the ground. However, this exercise is strictly recommended only in the gyms as the floor of any other places can get to damage if you perform it in other places all in all.

5. Kettle Bell Swing

Working out with kettle bell will be a lot interesting and exciting and this particular workout can be highly helpful if you’re pretty determined to in toning your stomach muscles in an effective manner. The first step of this exercise involves taking a position as depicted in the figure where you’ve to take a kettle bell and swing it between your legs in the second step. This can be done multiple times on a day for some amazing benefits.

6. Squat

Squats can also be highly helpful in toning your stomach in a classy way and for this you can include squat workouts in your workout sessions on the whole. Therefore it is highly recommended by all the people to take a note of this squat exercise and then include it in your workout routine to experience all the benefits as far as your belly is concerned.

7. Mountain Climber

This exercise is quite similar to that of climbing a mountain and is also one of the most effective exercises in the list which can be highly beneficial to improve your stomach shape in a fascinating way.

8. Valside Leg Curl

An unconventional curl exercise included in the list when the move in the workout gets to hit the front and back side on a single time which is highly recommended for a flat stomach on the whole.

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