8 Amazing Isometric Exercises For Lower Body

Isometric exercises are a great way by which you can get a flexible, durable and stable lower body. While many people long for a great muscular body on the upper half, they often tend to forget the importance of conducting exercises that will give the ultimate flexibility to the lower body. The dynamic stretching will help you get the feel of which muscle to use in particular situation, thereby helping you in attaining a better body balance. Let us see some of the isometric exercises for the lower half of the body as they are discussed below as the following.

Below Are The Isometric Exercises For Lower Body:

1. Split Squad Hold

This helps greatly in the hip flexors, glutes and works your quads perfectly. The lunge stance also helps you getting a breathing motion that can be fruitful while you work out, causing less stress on the lungs while still performing the lower body workout. These exercises open up the parts in both the groin and the hamstring that have not been functional for a period of time.

2. Scissors Hamstring Stretch

By the name itself, the hamstring will be affected positively by this exercise. Even more, the calves too will be stretched with this exercise and will help you open up all the dis-functioning muscles till date. Stand with both the legs apart and stretch forward and repeat the same when the other leg is stretching forward. The upper body too gets a boost with this exercise while mainly helping your lower body extensively.

3. Extended Triangle

With the above exercise done with your legs open forward and backward, this exercise requires the legs to be stretched sideward. Now place your one hand on the left leg and look upward and repeat the same with the other leg. With the lower body being worked out greatly, the back also since performing the stretch can be cured from any sort of pain that occurs due to daily stress.

4. Wall Sit

Rest your back against the wall and sit like you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Place your legs a bit apart to get the exact position. This is nothing but a tougher stance of squads. The pelvic area is warmed up due to this and helps your muscles tighten up. The hamstring area is also worked out in the process providing you with more flexibility.

5. Single And Double Toes

The majority of us don’t even think about working out our toes or ankles leave alone the hips or the calves. Standing straight only on the toes and relaxing and repeating this process for over 15 mins can give your calves a great shape over the time. Not only that, the ankles that can get jammed especially in the winters, this exercise is perfect to relieve stress from the core.

6. Warrior Pose

Keep the left foot back and stretched while the body tends to come forward. This exercise can help you improve the overall body balance, shoulders, legs and hips. Slowly raise your arms and bend a little while in this position and hold for a minute and repeat from the opposite side.

7. Glute Bridge

Place your feet on the ground and raise your waist as high as possible making the head and knees straight enough to be in one straight line. Hold the weight for a minute or so before relaxing. This works out your upper body especially the back and the shoulders. Coming to the lower half, the knees are greatly stressed upon to remove any sort of stress that is present along with working out of the calves and ankles. Just 5 sets of this exercise are enough for a day to get going with building a great lower half of the body.

8. Bull Dog

The hips, pelvic muscles and the shoulders are affected positively by this exercise. This is one of the low intensity workouts that stretches all the major muscles in the lower body. The position to do this includes placing your both the hands and the knees on the ground (like a dog position) and then slightly raising your knees for a 30 seconds to 1 minute. Remember to keep the hands and the legs parallel to each other for best results.

9. Crescent

The Crescent Isometric Move is an exceptional way to stretch your quads and hips while triggering your glutes and refining your core strength and balance. With one step forward in a wide stance and your hands going up, this exercise is of great help and also performed early morning to galvanize your muscles.

10. Warrior 2

The warrior series of exercises includes standing on one leg while the other is in line with your hands stretched in opposite directions. This is in a T-formation for basic users. The calf of each leg is worked out when standing on it while the hips are unconditionally worked upon on either of them. One of the best exercises if the flexibility issues of a person’s body has to be solved.

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