8 Amazing Homemade Scrubs To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads develop in our skin pores due to accumulation of dirt, germs, sweat and dead skin cells. These blackheads are usually painless or do not really cause a harm but when bacteria start to build-up in these pores blackheads turn into pimples and develop pus. Some unattended blackheads develop a skin cover over them and become big in size and very difficult to remove. For keeping your skin free of blackheads, you need to exfoliate and rub it regularly to remove the dirt and other dead cells. The nature gives us some wonderful agents which have great exfoliating properties; some work right from the first time whereas others take some time to show the effect. Let us see 8 amazing homemade face scrubs that remove blackheads.

1. Walnut Scrub:

walnut is the best scrubbing and exfoliating agent for the skin. It has a coarse texture and at the same time is very nourishing for the skin. You need to first break open the walnut and further crush it into pieces; soak them overnight in milk and further grind the soaked walnuts to form a coarse paste. Use this paste for scrubbing your skin to remove blackheads; you can also use it on other dry parts of your body to remove the dead skin cells and regulate growth of new cells.

2. Egg White And Rice Dust Scrub:

The egg whites are rich in proteins and other nutrients; it also great exfoliating action on drying. To make it wonderful exfoliating yet nourishing face scrub, mix egg white with some rice powder – coarsely ground and add few drops of lemon juice. Mix well and apply all over the face. Once it dries off remove using circular scrubbing motion – this removes all your blackheads and white heads effectively. You can also use egg whites as a simple face peel to remove dead skin cells.

3. Orange Peel Scrub:

The dried peel of orange fruit makes an excellent scrubbing agent. It also is gentle on your skin and the vitamin C in the peel leaves your skin glowing and youthful after scrubbing. You need to grind and powder the dried peel of orange fruit and add honey to it to make a smooth paste. Use this paste to scrub your facial skin. Repeat twice a week or at least once a week for a perfect flawless skin.

4. Gram Flour Scrub:

Gram flour scrub is an age old beauty product which has been used since hundreds of years. To make your own scrub using gram flour, mix some gram flour with turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and add full fat milk to it. Mix to form a paste with all ingredients properly mixed together; apply it generously over the face and leave to dry. You will need about 15 20 minutes for the paste to dry. Once it dries off start scrubbing and remove the dried paste from the face. Wash with warm water and clean well. You can repeat every day or every alternate day to keep your skin completely free of blackheads.

5. Coffee Powder Scrub:

Coffee powder has a typical granulate and coarse texture; for making a face scrub you need to coarsely grind the coffee beans and not completely powder it. Mix with honey to form a face scrub. This coffee scrub not only helps in removing black heads but also removes any marks or scars from the skin and is also beneficial in giving the skin an even colour tone. You need to apply this face scrub once a week; for best results it is advisable to expose your skin pores to steam which helps opening them up.

6. Honey Almond Scrub:

Soak 8-10 almonds in milk overnight and crush them to form a coarse paste, add a pinch of turmeric and some honey to form a face scrub. This face scrub has the healing properties of turmeric, milk and honey as well as possesses extraordinary scrubbing properties of almond which makes it the perfect combo.

7. Brown Sugar Scrub:

Brown sugar has a sticky coarse texture; it thus helps to pull out the blackheads from deepest of the pores. Mix brown sugar powder with lemon juice and some honey to hold all ingredients together and form a smooth yet coarse paste. Apply on the face and scrub to remove all the blackheads, impurities and dead cells.

8. Oatmeal Scrub:

Oatmeal scrub is one of the best homemade scrubs, it works with all skin types and not only removes blackheads but also prevents them from developing on the skin. Mix oatmeal powder with dried orange peel powder and add some yogurt to it; mix well. Apply this paste over the face and keep for 15 minutes; once it sets as a mask start scrubbing to remove all the blackheads and wash well using water.

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