7 Timeless French Crop Haircut For Men

Usually guys are extremely touchy on their hair styles, however the more the fuss free the better they feel about it all. Whilst what they look out for is a stylish one which is low on maintenance and on the styling effort quotient, the French crop hair styles come in to the picture.
A classic example of a hair style which is timeless, the French crop is usually featured with shorter hair dos where the entire crown is characterised by the same, the fringes are what makes it stylish. Whilst many might confuse the French crop with the Caesar cut, underlying somewhere they appear similar just differentiated on the length of the fringes they sport in each of them.

Thus, Some Of The Timeless French Crop Haircuts For Men Are Discussed As Below:

1. The Fading Layer Cut

This one is truly artistic in a way more than one where the sides start off with minimal hair and slowly it gives way to a layer which merges with every step giving way to the long fringes at the centre and the other sides.

2. The Crop With The Undercut Look

Check out this simple and easy hair cut where the look is characterized by a mess of crop at the crown areas while the sides are extremely short and the fringes are worthy a mention which protrudes from here and there! An extremely easy to sport looks in no time.

3. The Blonde Textured Style

This one can be defined as a refined form of French crop cut where the hairs are cut in a textured way which just falls on the top one layer after the other. Simple yet chic!

4. The Long Crop Look

This one is sure one of the looks the younger generation would love to sport where the hairs are cut in a way that the fringes and the crop are longer than usual. With very short sides at the edges, this one is simple yet extremely stylish in all respect.

5. Spiky Textured Crop With Beard

Beards have always given a hair style a different angle to any look and there is no difference in here when this spiky yet textured crop French cut showcases just the same in a very stylish and simplistic manner.

6. Long Textured Crop Look

This one is onewhere the hairs and the fringes are a bit on the longer side and the sides on one end is short and leads to a longer crop of fringes at the other side with layers one after the other. While a bit of gel application is all that someone would need to pull off this look, it can be safely called as not a high maintenance one.

7. The Bangy Fringed Crop Look

This one resembles bangs in women, where the French crop hairstyle is stylish in every respect of the word. Whilst the crown crop hair is messy, the frontal portion is laid on the forehead just as bangs and the sides cut short. Looks great If you can carry this off with elan that is guys!

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