7 Strength Building Exercises For Elders Men

Amazement and ridicule are the two ways anyone is most likely to react when they hear an elderly man expressing his keenness on joining an exercise program. It is indeed true that very few older men show the intent of exercising to keep fit since it is not a very well cultivated activity among ageing men. But one must not be oblivious to the fact that fitness experts across the world have opined that it is never too late to workout.

Strength training exercises for elder men is usually unheard of as many feel that an ageing body must perform moderate exercises only. Surprisingly, strength exercise for elder men is pretty much a necessity as it prevents bone weakening and decay due to old age. All the vital muscles and tendons are also put to work that give elasticity to the body. Most importantly, exercise of any kind keeps the heartbeat and other vital organ functioning well under control.

Have A Look At The 7 Strength Building Exercises For Elder Men:

1. Knee Extension

The prime and painful bane of old age is fragile knee condition. Since the knees absorbs all the pressure and body weight, knee extension exercise should be performed on a regular basis. The best part; it has to be done in sedentary position. After you are seated on a chair with erect spine, lift your right leg slowly toward the front and try to maintain the position for some ten seconds. The same should be done with the other leg. Ten repetitions for each leg complete your knee strengthening exercise.

2. Half Wall Squat

This exercise not only strengthens your leg muscles but also improves body strength and resistance. In this rather simple and less exhaustive exercise, you are to stand leaning against the wall by keeping your legs shoulder width apart. Rest your back on the wall and lower your body down in the squat position. This position has to be maintained for long as possible before returning to the starting position. During the 10-20 reps that has to be performed, prolong the half squat position only if you want an increased difficulty level.

3. Cat And Camel

Also known as pelvic tilt, the exercise takes away all the pain from the pelvis and helps a great deal for straightening of the spine. Get down on the floor and keep your body still in four-foot position. Lower your head as you inhale deep while lowering your lower rib cage. In the next step of the exercise, you need to look up and maintain the abdominals firmly by exhaling.

4. Bridging

It is a great exercise to make your buttock muscles firm and also to prevent hamstring injuries during old age. Lie on the floor with folded legs and arms rested either on ground or tummy. Keep your legs folded so your foot gets the grip strong. Using the strength of the foot, raise your buttocks, lower and mid back and hold onto this position for 10-20 seconds before returning to the normal posture.

5. Sit Backs

This exercise improves the core muscles that suffer setback due to old age! Sit backs also help in maintaining the overall body’s balance across every vital muscles. To start with, use a Yoga mat for even and comfy floor. Sit on the floor keeping your arms wrapped around chest and knees bent. Slowly sit back by engaging the core muscles of the body instead of putting all the pressure on the back that causes injury. It’d be rather helpful for elder men if they have someone for sitting on the feet so the legs don’t lift off the floor.

6. Two Triceps Exercises

Flabby skin and weak looking upper arms add trouble to elder men. Therefore two triceps exercise should be done to tone the muscles. Start the exercise sitting on chair with a dumbbell held in the right hand. In the next step, raise the dumbbell above your head. As the muscles start to get stretched, you must put your left arm on the backward bent right hand for stability. After returning to the normal, the dumbbell now has to be raised toward the ceiling. Total reps; ten before switching arms.

7. Upright Front Row

Strengthen your upper body with this mild exercise. You must stand feet-shoulder width apart. The knees need to be slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell in front and lift the weight toward the chin. Make sure you don’t pull your shoulder much and engage your core as well. It must be repeated ten times for each arm.

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