7 Home Remedies For Stubborn Pimples For Men

Acne is one of the most common skin problem in men and women both; the causes for acne can be various such as dirt, oil build up in pores, bacteria, hormonal changes etc. Men usually tend to avoid and ignore the pimples and this ignorance in most of the cases lead to stubborn pimples.

These unattended stubborn pimples seriously damage the skin by further leading to pus build up, scarring, and further spread of acne to neighbouring areas. In case of acne and stubborn pimples it is a must to consult an expert dermatologist to identify the cause and appropriate treatment however, using some simple home remedies proves to be of great benefit. We are listing down 7 effective home remedies for reducing stubborn pimples in men.

1. Azadirachta Indica:

Azadirachta indica are the best anti-infective and anti-septic agents. For benefit against acne and pimples you can either use Azadirachta indica leaves in the form of a face mask or as a face scrub. For a face mask soak Azadirachta indica leaves in water for couple of hours and grind to make a thick paste and apply over the face and let to dry.

For making a Azadirachta indica scrub grind dried Azadirachta indica leaves and mix it with some honey to make a thick coarse paste; use this paste for gently scrubbing your skin. The excellent anti-bacterial properties of Azadirachta indica help in fighting stubborn pimples.[1]

2. Turmeric:

Turmeric is a renowned anti-bacterial agent. Mix a small spoon of turmeric with honey and some milk to form a paste. Apply this paste over your face with special focus on the affected area and let dry for 15 min, wash off with normal water. For best results against stubborn acne, men should follow this routine every night.[2]

3. Calamine:

Calamine contains zinc oxide which helps in fighting acne by killing the microbes as well as helps in drying up the acne quickly. Calamine lotion is easily available in drug stores and must be used regularly by men to fight stubborn acne. It also helps in reducing acne scars.[3]

4. Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera gel is a soothing and cooling agent. Being a gel it hydrates your skin without increasing the oil levels which is perfect for skin with acne. Along with the soothing properties it also helps in killing the bacteria. For best results against stubborn acne you must apply aloe vera gel daily over the affected area. You can easily find aloe vera gel in stores and alternatively it is very easy to grow the aloe vera plant in your homes; the freshly squeezed gel gives best results. For added benefits cut a piece of aloe vera and cool it in the refrigerator for few minutes before using.[4]

5. Exfoliation:

Gentle exfoliation is a must to treat acne since it helps in removing dirt and dead skin cells. However, care must be taken to exfoliate gently as strong exfoliation might further aggravate the pimples. The best natural exfoliating agents for men are gram flour + turmeric, egg white + honey etc.[5]

6. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial essential oil and helps in healing stubborn acne especially in males. It is also an anti-septic agent. For application you can dilute it with coconut oil and apply over the acne.[6]

7. Garlic Buds:

Apply crushed garlic over the acne or even simply swallowing garlic bud (1-2) with water every morning helps fight stubborn acne; especially in men.

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