7 Exercises For Lower Back Thickness And Power

For most of the people such as body builders, wrestlers and athletes the workouts for the back is very important. Most of the gym trainers work hard and train their backs, which not only help in gaining strength but also it looks better. The back is mainly divided into three portions Upper back, Lats and Lower back. Most of the exercises for back help in building the muscles in the entire body, including upper back and lower back. Check out the below information provided and get the result as per your desire.

The Exercises Which Help In Gaining Lower Back Thickness And Power Are Discussed Below:

1. Pull Ups

Pulls up is the most effective exercise which is highly balanced when it offers stress over the lower back musculature. Most of the other exercises relating to back are mainly concerned with upper back and the lats. But Pull up exercise contribute more in improving and in power-building the lower back.

2. Rack Deadlifts

It is one of the most incredible exercises. It helps in building the muscle of the lower back. It is an exercise which relaxes the back and makes the lower back relaxed. The deadlift is an effective exercise for spinal cord to get stimulated and it makes the body movement easier.

3. One Arm Dumbbell

The exercise with dumbbells are considered to be the most safest exercises. These exercises are easy to learn and easy to do even in limited space. The workout has a positive effect on the lower back and the after doing the exercise feels more energetic.

4. Overhand Barbell Rows

It is highly preferred workout for strengthening the back. It makes the compound movement all over back and especially in the back. The exercise helps to reduce the stress or pressure completely and it helps the lower back to feel relaxed.

5. Underhand Barbell Rows

The exercise is effectual for those who are upper-back dominant. While doing the exercise one should not raise the torso above 45 degrees. The exercise helps lats and the lower back in enhancing the movement and makes the powerful muscles. One has to control the shrugging movement to avoid unnecessary pressure on the lower back.

6. Wide-Grip Pulldowns

The wide grip pulldowns are similar to medium grip pull downs but they are more effective on the back. While keeping the torso vertical and moving the elbows in vertical alignment under the wrists maximize the stimulation on the lower back. Practically the exercise helps in distributing the stress all over the back which is very useful.

7. One Arm Dumbbell

The one arm dumbbell is a good exercise to build thickness in the lower back mainly at the center. It is an exercise which makes the lower back muscle tight and strong. The benefit of the exercise is that it allows you to have free and easy movements on both sides of the body. It will help you to lift the same amount of load on both sides.

Most of the exercises should be done under the guidance of expert trainers who can guide you very well. The exercises should be done on an everyday basis. These exercises are highly effective in building the muscle in the lower back and also it adds thickness and power to the lower back. Also one has to lead a healthy life and should have well-planned diet, which keeps the person hale and hearty.

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