7 Best Non Bench Chest Exercises For Strong Pecs

Pecs are actually nothing but the bulk of chest muscles that are indeed present just beneath the chest of an individual. In this regard, this article vividly features some of the best exercises that can be highly helpful in building some strong exercises and these workouts are usually termed as non bench chest exercises.

1. Mid High Cable Cross Over:

This is probably one of the most familiar exercises in the list that can actually be performed with the help of some pulleys. The exercise is related to high and low pulley cross overs and is highly recommended for all the individuals to get a clear picture of this exercise from their respective gym trainers before actually getting to perform this exercise on the whole. However many of the people do make some common blunders while getting to practice this exercise and therefore it must actually be taken a note that the elbow has to be in a perfect shape irrespective of the working of your triceps.

2. Push Ups:

One of the basic exercise in the list that can be highly beneficial to the overall health of an individual and also this exercise can be considered as one of the best ones that are helpful for a person to increase their pecs. Also another major advantage while performing this exercise is that it can be performed anywhere whether you visit a gym daily or not.

Also it is always better to start push ups by following certain techniques and initially one has to keep his arms a bit wider than the shoulder width and after every push up it would be highly better if the hands are moved slightly apart. One has to continue this process until the hands become nearly parallel to the ground. This process has to be repeated daily to experience some of the better health benefits and also this can be useful to build some strong pecs as well.

3. Inclined Dumbbell Chest Pullover:

This is yet another exercise that has many benefits to particularly and it is also proved that practising this exercise regularly can impose a sort of some healthy and strong pecs and apart from that the entire chest region also gets stronger on the whole. This exercise is also quite easy to learn and can be just performed with a dumbbell.

For this all one has to do is to simply lie on the bench that is inclined the wall with nearly thirty degrees of elevation. Later take a dumbbell and with two hands take it back of your head to the maximum extent possible. Later lift the dumbbell and get it to the region of your chest and rest for a few seconds. This process has to be performed daily to experience some of the quick benefits and build some strong pecs than before.

4. Svend Press:

This is yet another simpler exercise that is featured in the list and for this all must perform is nothing but just to follow some simple steps. There are actually some specialised disks for the purpose of this exercise and take two of those disk shaped on your either hands and stand erect and keep your spine firm.

Then all you have to do is to simply lock your knees and keep your feet apart. Now keep your hands on your chest over shoulder height with the fingers pointing towards your eyes. Simply extend your hands in the forward direction and then bring it back. This process has to be repeated for several times. This exercise is easiest one you get to choose in a gym and therefore it can be practiced daily for some better health benefits and also strong pecs.

5. Dumbbell Floor Press:

Take two dumbbells and then rest on the floor in the same way as shown in the figure above. Then lift the dumbbells up and down like you do it regularly and also breathe in and out simultaneously with lifting up and down. This exercise can be performed daily in a gym or even at home to get some really strong pecs.

6. Single Arm Hammer Strength Press:

This can be considered as one of the most complicated exercises in the list and can be performed only in the gym with the supervision of a gym trainee. Also it isn’t any sort of complicated exercises and all one has to do is simply to keep one of your arms in rest position and move the ‘Hammer Strength Machine’ to and fro continuously. This process has to be repeated for a considerable time and also it has to be performed daily as well.

7. Reverse Grip Bench Press:

This is yet another exercise that can solely be worked out in a gym and in this exercise, the focus actually shifts to the upper pecs region and also strengthens the entire chest area as well.

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