7 Best Hairstyles For Men With Oblong Face Shape

The first thing that others notice about you is your footwear and hair. For some men, it can go to the extent of the way their hair look. Therefore hairstyle for a man is perhaps the most important aspect of dressing and he wants it perfect. On the other hand, the face shape that one has can also determine the type of hairstyle that is required. For oblong face shape, since the shape of the face is long and a bit narrow, long & flat may not be ideal as it may make the face look longer. Thus, let us see some of the hairstyles that you can consider if you belong to the category of men with oblong face shape.

Here Are The 7 Best Hairstyles For Men With Oblong Face Shape:

1. Spiked Hair

Spikes have been in trend since the 2000’s and ever since they just don’t get out of trend. With the different type of spikes available for deliberation, these will suit perfectly for the shape of the face which is long. Feel free to make any kind of spikes as this would give you the cutting edge on the sharp features.

2. Fine Blonde

Fine blonde long hair can be accustomed with long faces. Even though long hair may not look so good on the long face, but if cut into the perfect length, just fit enough to settle on your face with blonde features will give you the ultimate look of a star, somewhat like Owen Wilson who has similar features and pulls it off handsomely.

3. Buzz Cut

If you are feeling irritated with the long hair problems, or with spikes as well, the buzz cut is always available to you. The badass looking haircut will give you freedom from settling your hair at any point of the day and with some beard on your face, you are just going to end up attracting the ladies at the bar.

4. The Classical Bun

The bun at the back of your head will give you the sleek look the long face desires. This hairstyle looks neat apart from giving you the classical look from the orthodox times. The bun can be made on top of the head if you want to portray the hippie look.

5. Ginger Hairstyle

Ever wanted to be a on the hottest album cover? The ginger hair look provides the ultimate & eye catching scenario for others. Though the hairstyle may turn out to be hard to make and maintain but this hairstyle works best with oblong faces.

6. Fringes

Fringes are not bad at all when you are looking for hairstyles suiting long faces. Fringes can be made in different styles. Since the fringes reach the forehead, the covering up of it will not add to the length of the face; which is the last thing a person with oblong face would want. Remember to have the sides short if you want to have a 100% clear and sexy look of the combination of the two.

7. The Suit Up

More than often we see the classic side partition in place with men with long faces. For example, David Beckham will not allow you to take your eyes off him as he is the idol for men with such facial feature. Long hair and sleek side partition will give you the manly look and of course, make you look sexy and will surely differentiate you from the crowd.

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