7 Best Ankle And Foot Streghtening Exercises For Men

When it comes down to working out, many people oversee the importance of feet strength. For most of the exercises, your feet since it is at the lowest point of your body, helps you greatly in carrying out the activities. Without strong feet, there is no explanation as to how you can work out intensively. And most importantly, the exercises required to build a strong base aren’t so tough and time consuming nevertheless, most people hitting the gym chose to ignore them. Well for some of you going down to the basics, here are some of the most useful exercises in this department and they are discussed below as the following:

Below Are The Best Ankle And Foot Streghtening Exercises For Men:

1. Resistance Band Pull

Yes they make it tough for the functioning of the feet but that is what it is used for. Hang or tighten the resistance band to a perpendicular bar at one end and place your foot with the other end while your body lying on the floor. Now pull the resistance band with the help of your foot to and fro. This works out the front of the foot very accurately to which the same shall apply when the other foot is tested.

2. Skipping

Skipping would include your both the feet and the movement is such that it works out the foot from every angle. The front part of the foot is never tried or forced into any work but since that is the major part used for hopping or taking a plunge, it is well within its right to get a strength hold.

3. Single Leg Medicine Ball Toss

Catch hold of a partner and toss a medicine ball front and back while standing on one leg. Repeat the same with the other leg after the initial leg has been worked out for 60 seconds at least. To make it harder and more eventful, try the same exercise on a foam pad.

4. Balance Disk

if you have seen what a balance disk looks like, you would probably know its uses as well. To get a good hold of your feet, stand on the balance disk on one foot with the other one in the air or can be held with the help of your hand. This builds inner core strength and helps in gaining body balance.

5. Foot Rotation

The feet also like to relieve the tension from deep within the bones and foot rotation is the best way to go about it. Stand on one leg and with the other, raise the foot of the other and rotate it anti-clockwise and clockwise both.

6. Single Leg Good Morning

One that has evolved from the ancient times, the single leg good morning relieves stress from each and every part of the body. The posture of this includes standing on one leg and balancing your body parallel to the floor. Furthermore, this works out the calf muscles as well and is a very good exercise for body balancing.

7. Standing Calf Raise

This can be performed anywhere and anytime. Stand still and with the help of your toes only, raise your ankle alone. This helps in giving the front portion elasticity and releases the gas stuck inside the joints of our feet. To have a better connection, use weights by holding the same in your hands.

The above mentioned exercises will give you exceptional benefits if you practice them on regular basis. So, try them out and see the difference.

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