6 Unilateral Exercises For Muscle Building, Stability And Balance

Looking for the powerful unilateral exercise that would get you core stability and strong muscles, then this is the place you are exactly looking for. Unilateral exercise will knock off the balance and strengthen the leg muscles to keep you fit and strong. Unilateral exercise is essential for athletes to perform well in various sports activities. Aside from this, it can be performed by anyone who wants to build muscles. Here are the top 6 unilateral exercise for strengthening the muscle and improving the core stability.

1. Single Leg Raise:

Single leg raise is one of the most powerful exercises that have been used by the athletes over the years. It can be simple and comfy to perform at any time without assistance. This exercise targets at strengthening the leg and knees. Additionally, it will boost the stamina level to great extent. Lie on your back and raise your left knee up. Keep your shoulders straight and move your right arm in the upward direction.

Then slowly rise down your right arm and keep it close to the knee. Make sure that both the arm and knee are touching together. Repeat this sequence by right knee and left arm for at least 10 times for better result.

2. Hip Thrust:

Hip thrust is considered as an effective exercise for strengthening the muscles around the hip and thigh. In addition to this, it is effective in gluten the muscles and sculpts the posture to great extent. Whenever you wake up, this might be the best exercise to workout, which would get you good stamina and professional result forever. If you are the beginner and working hard for lumba strength and hip strength then this is what you are exactly looking for. Keep practice it on regular basis for the expected result.

3. Squat:

The squat is one of the most common exercises to increase the unilateral strength and boost the stamina. It can be simple and easy, which can be performed by the beginner too. The squat is not just an exercise to strengthen the hip muscle but it also improves the core stability and gluten the leg muscles. It is the perfect exercise for the one who wants to build strong muscles and stay energetic.

You have to bend your right knee and lift right foot off the ground. Make sure that you have to keep your hip and ankle in the straight line and perform squat gently. Return to the start and repeat the sequence on the other side. You can work up to 12 -13 reps every day. It is quite easy and powerful exercise to incorporate unilateral strength to your daily exercise.

4. Dumbell Shoulder Press:

Dumber shoulder press is such a great idea to improve the unilateral strength as well as stamina. While performing any sort of dumbbell exercise, you should be careful to avoid any injuries in the arm, as dumbells would be the weighted tool. stand straight and hold the dumbbell on right hand. Slowly rise down your right hand below the knees and again lift the arm up off the floor. Repeat the sequence for the at least 20 times for the maximum result. Initially, you might feel difficult to perform, but workout this exercise would be easy once you have to do it regularly. Dumbbell shoulder press is the perfect option for athletes.

5. Cable Trunk Rotation:

Cable Trunk rotation is simple yet powerful exercise to improve the core stability and muscle stability. It can be performed by a handle that is nailed to the pulley cable. You can do one rep by pulling that handle out to the right side during rotating the trunk. Repeat the sequence on the other side. This is the best exercise to strengthen your arms and improve the core stability. If you want to build muscle by incorporating unilateral exercise to your gym, this is the perfect option for you.

6. Exercise Ball Bridge:

Ball Bridge is one of the most advanced stabilization workout exercise that will certainly do a lot for the athletes to perform well at various sports activities. This is an amazing exercise that would get you strong muscles and core stability.

Whenever you start workout this exercise, you can experience the new level of energy and freshness. You can perform this amazing exercise using a big ball. Lie down on the ball and start to tighten your buttock muscles and lift it off from the ground. You can keep holding the position for few second. Relax and return to the initial position. Repeat the movement for the better result.

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