6 Tricks For A Stronger Squat

Talk to a serious weightlifter, he would know the importance of strong squats. The upper body is greatly dependent on the lower body when the weightlifting comes into picture and having strong squats will only give you benefits. With the regular squat exercises not doing wonders for you, a little change in the daily routine would be effective in giving you the better life than before. Therefore, let us see some of the exercises that can come handy in building great squats which would later give you even more fruitful results.

They Are Described Below As The Following:

1. Single Leg Variation

Regular squats are effective but wonder how a single leg squat can do. Of course it take some energy and courage to go about doing it but nonetheless, very effective in nature. Simply conduct the normal exercise of squat on a single leg for 10 reps and repeat the same with the other leg after a break. This will also boost your muscle grip in the other parts of the legs.

2. Spread Out

Getting the muscles strong are always a good option and that can be best done with weights. Spread both the legs 2 meters apart and with a barbell (consisting of weights according to the body structure), sit and stand as done while conducting squats. Remember to keep the barbell behind your neck. This will be effective in increasing the muscle strength in and around the hip area directly increasing the strength.

3. Pause At The Bottom

Another good trick to keep the squats in best shape is to pause while doing it (preferably with weights). If you want to feel the burns, this exercise is best fit for the same. The hamstring is worked upon in a true nature which helps in the lifting up during most of the exercises.

4. The Front Squat

When the weight is behind the neck it is called back squat and when in front, front squat. Most often the back squat comes into play but a change is always good. Holding the bar in front with your arms crossed around will require even more struggle than the rest of the exercises thus giving you high intensity while performing squats. The technique may take some time to get used to but a great way to build the squat area for further energizing.

5. Cycling

Cycling is the first step before you can begin with the squat exercises. This warms up the lower torso well enough before any of the muscle is worked out. Take 30 mins out before rigorous workout. Moreover, cycling is also capable of building muscles around the leg area which in turn helps in lifting more weights than usual.

6. Stretch

Perhaps the first thing that the trainer will ask you to do once entering the gym. Stretching helps not only in warming up the body but acts as a treatment to relieve stress from deep within the tissues. Stretching in the right manner is also the key to obtain good and healthy squats. That includes straight back, upright neck, upper body parallel to the ground while bending and so on. A 15 mins stretching session if made regular before you begin with the workout can give you the perfect balance while performance.

The above mentioned tricks will your squats go more stronger and effective. Try all the above mentioned tricks under the guidance of an expert.

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