6 Tips For Men To Look More Muscular

Do you love to go at gym? Are you fascinated with your biceps? Well, if you love your muscular body and want to show off it then you should start doing dress up accordingly. There are men who love to impress people with muscles. Busy life, office dress code and other obstacles make you look boring. These obstacles never allow you to show off your masculine charm. It is not necessary to wear clothes which always do show off. In fact, you can express your muscular part of the body with more sober way. There are lots of men who are confused with this issue.

So, Here Are Some Tips For Men To Look More Muscular:

1. V-Shape Clothing

When you are going to the gym, it means you are going to make a muscular body. It is like wide shoulders, narrow waist, and big biceps. If you don’t choose a perfect cloth then your effort will remain under your clothes. So, you need to choose a cloth which has wide shoulders and narrow waist, like a V- shape. That means you have to choose a narrow fit or slim fit shirt. This shirt will express your body shape.

2. Perfect Fitting Clothing

It is easy to find a shirt or tee according to your size which can focus on your V-shape. But wear it in front of the mirror and look at it if it fits you or not. Watch in the mirror where the joints of your clothing fall when you wear them. If the joints fall below your shoulders then understand that your cloth is not in your size. You need to buy a perfect size.

3. Padded Shoulders

If you want to show your muscles then you have to wear a fitting cloth. Try to wear tapered shirts, jackets, fitting tee. Avoid those cloths which are too loose or too tight. You can also wear suits or jackets which has understated shoulder pads. This trick will help you to look wider shoulder and narrow waist.

4. Opt For White

It is well known that black colour makes us slim and white makes us look wide and healthy. Try to wear white colour fitted shirts and tees. You can pair your light coloured shirt with some dark colour pant. You can also do the opposite like dark on the top and light in the bottom. This opposite combination will help you to understand the muscular shape of your body.

5. Stripes And Patterns

Stripes and patterns have some amazing effect on the body. Vertical stripes tend to make you taller and horizontal stripes will make your wide. Your shoulders will look wider with patterns and stripes. If you want to look muscular then try to wear horizontal patterns. Textures and patterns are ideal to show off your body shape. Try to buy simple patterns and textures.

6. Right Posture

If you walk, sit and talk in a right posture you can be sure that you are showing the muscular part of you. In fact, it is necessary to do things in perfect posture. Your way of walking talking sitting will create an impression that will make you more muscular and handsome. All you need to do is adopt an ideal posture that makes you smarter and help you to look more handsome.

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