6 Scientifically Proven Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness

We go to the gym, do workout and then come back to home, in gym our muscles are in big pressure of the weights, exercises, posture and other things, so we need to give them relax, but the relax time should not be more. When we stop gym and go back to the gym after a long time, then there is the problem of the muscle soreness this is just because we want to the same level on which we were at gym, this tore the muscles fibers and hence you feel pain and sometimes serious injuries, soreness is good when you are going to the gym regular, as it shows that your muscles are growing rapidly, so when our muscles are in pain, then we need to incorporate these scientifically proven ways to reduce muscle soreness.

1. Proper Warm Up

When your body is fully charged and all the bones joints and muscles joints are free, then you should start your workout at gym or at home, so you need to warm up your body proper, do at least 20 minutes of warm up, you can do stretch exercises, you can do aerobics, you can do light exercises and when you feel that you are ready for the gym, then you need to do the gym and increase the weight slowly in each set.

2. Drink Chocolate Milk

Whether we are going to the gym or not, we should drink milk daily, it has the calcium that is good for our bones and for the muscles, but when your are in the pain of the muscles, then you should drink milk and add chocolate to it, chocolate helps in recovering the muscles tiredness and give you an instant energy for another exercise.

3. Foam Rolling

This is one of the best ways to restore the pain of the muscles, foam roll works on the paining point of the muscles and you will get immediate relief, this works on the connecting tissues of the muscles, you just need to place the roller on the ground and then place the body part on it and roll the body, do not give much pressure on the muscles.

4. Eat Protein As Pre And Post Workout

Protein is just like the bricks, it builds our body, repair the tissue, give us tremendous energy, so you need to take some of the proteins before the gym, so that you muscles can bear the impact of the heavy weight easily and give your muscles extra stimulation and you should also take some protein post workout, so the body can repair the tour tissues.

5. Cherries Juice

Tart cherry juice has the good amount of the antioxidants and this helps the tissue to hold the oxygen in it, so if you drink the juice of the cherries as a post workout supplements, then your body have a good amount of oxygen in it and you feel charged through out the day, this is good for the muscle soreness as the supply of proper oxygen will not form the lactic acid to the body and no soreness will be there in the body.

6. Cold Bath After Gym

As you lift the weights, your muscles are in full contraction and this will give soreness to the muscles, this will give heat to the body, so you come back from the gym, immediately take a cold bath, this will lower the fatigue level of the body also, it remove the germs of the sweat.

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