6 Exercises Of 100 Repetitions To Get The Six Pack Abs At Home

Abs makes your body perfect, if you have abs you will feel confident and if there are an inch added to your belly, then your whole body will get changed and all of your hard work has no result, there are so many of the exercise for the abs but 100 repetitions of 7 exercises will give you the perfect shape to the abs, this target to the obliques to the lower, middle and upper abs, the most  important thing about these set of exercise is that it reduce the belly fat and all the abs will get visible. Here are the 7 exercises of the 100 repetition if you will stick to it then you will get your abs in some weeks.

Below Are The 6 Exercises Of 100 Repetitions To Get The Six Pack Abs At Home:

1. Hanging Legs

In the most advanced exercise in this you need to hold the hanging bar, with palm facing to the wall, grip should be tight, make your whole body straight, now exhale as you raise your legs towards the chest and squeeze the abs, now go back to the rest position while inhaling, here you should keep one thing in mind that your body should not be hanging and there should not be any jerk to the body, do the 15 repetitions only.

2. Sit Ups With Straight Legs

In this we need to get on the ground, make the V shape by the legs, hands behinds the head and curl up to the straight position and go down to the rest position, now as you are curling up, slightly bend your elbow and squeeze the abs, and exhale while coming up and exhale inhale while going down, make sure that your neck should be straight and you should not be push it, now do the 20 repetitions of this exercise. This exercise is good for the upper abs.

3. Knee Elbow Crunch

Get to the straight leg positions, place your hand behind your neck, now fold your legs, touch the left elbow to the right knee, keep your back straight and do not give any jerk to it, now repeat the process and do the same with the other elbow and knee, squeeze the abs as maximum, do the 15 repetitions with each of the sides. This exercise trigger both of the obliques and you will three lines to the lower chest.

4. Reverse Crunch

Now on the same position, close the knee, now bend the legs, push your knee towards the chest, place your hand to the hips to support them, inhale while going to the rest position and exhale while coming towards the chest, squeeze the abs do the 15 repetitions, this will help in reduce the belly fat and trigger the lower abs.

5. Toe Touches

Now on the same position raise your legs to the 90 degree of the body, now straight your hands, lift your body up so that the hands will touch the toes, as your hands are touching the toes, hold the position for about the 5 seconds then go back to the rest positions, this will give stress to the middle abs, do the 20 repetitions of it.

6. V- Ups

This is the highly advanced and quite hard exercise to perform, it take time to get perfect for this exercise, for this raise your leg towards the chest and at the same time push your back towards to the legs to make the V positions, do not give jerk to the back and do the 15 exercise of this.

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