6 Different Elegant Pompadour Hairstyles For Men

Fashion conscious men always give emphasis to hairstyles. It is seen that for different styles of hair men get inspiration from different sources. Sometimes these sources are highly unlikely like hairstyle for women. Pompadour hairstyle in fact has come from a hairstyle that was adapted by a high class woman named Madame de Pompadour who was very close to emperor Louis XV of France.

The hairstyle adapted by Madame de Pompadour became known by the name of the lady and at the same time became severely famous among fashion conscious women for decades. But in middle of 20th century the famous legendary singer Elvis Presley adapted this hairstyle for first time among men. It became his signature hairstyle. Subsequently fans and followers of this artist started to adapt this. It became one of the main hairstyles for modern men. Pompadour is actually a kind of hairstyle in which hair on front part of head is raised upward in a cushion like fashion. It is simple to adapt too.

Here Are 6 Different Elegant Pompadour Hairstyles For Men:

1. Classic Pompadour Style

It is already told that Elvis Presley was the first gentleman who adapted the style of Pompadour. If you want to adapt this old classic look then you have to raise the front part of your hair by giving it a cushioned look. You have to overturn it while combing the hair in a proper way.

2. Big Inflated Pompadour For Great Hair

Men who have great volume of hair on head can adapt this look. In this you have to raise your great volume of hair in a cushion like fashion on front part of head that assumes an inflated Pompadour of big kind. This style makes the man gorgeous.

3. Side Parted Pompadour For Medium Hair

Not all men have great volume of hair on head. Some have medium length hair that  is neither long or of great volume nor too scanty. These men can adapt a slim type of pompadour in front part of head. At the same time they can bring a partition to the hair and place one part on a side of head or forehead. It looks quite elegant.

4. Tiny Pompadour For Short Hair

A man with scanty or short hair can also have Pompadour look. But in such case the Pompadour will assume a tiny or small look. But a tiny Pompadour if done in classical way can make the man look very stylish and attractive.

5. Half Cropped Hair With Pompadour Look

Fashion sensibility of modern men are bringing new dimensions to the already existing fashion. In this regard cropping the hair of head minutely has become very popular. Keeping a bit hair on head with rest in cropped fashion is known as half cropped style. You can adapt a cushioned Pompadour look with some hair in half cropped manner too. This two in one style can make you look stylishly elegant.

6.  Mohawk Pompadour Style

Mohawk hairstyle is one of the best and popular punk hairstyles that originated in 70s. This haircut was originally done by Mohican native Americans tribe. In this style a man  raises some hair on the middle of the head in a strip like fashion while rest of the head remains almost bald. But in modern time people do Mohawk in middle of head while keeping rest of the hair intact in minutely cropped fashion. Now fashion conscious men are adapting a Mohawk fusing some property of Pompadour style in it. This two in one look looks very elegant and gorgeous.

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