6 Amazing Facts About Eggs You Need To Know

We are always health conscious and we want to eat healthy and natural so that our stomach can digest the food easily. Man always wants to be in good shape, he wants his muscles should be sharp and bulky, for this he go to gym, do the exercise and maintain a diet plan. Eggs are the most common food for us, it is easy available to the market and there are many dishes we can prepare from the egg and it is easy to cook also, but this small egg has almost all the things that our body needs, many body builders rely on it for their muscle building, many supplement are made from it.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Facts Of The Eggs That Every One Should Know:

1. Full Of Nutrients:

If you want to increase the muscle size in cheap and natural way, then you can add the eggs to your diet, it has the amino acids that help to gain the size, it has the vitamins also, that it good for the bones. It has the good amount of the antioxidants, that is good for the skin and it helps in fighting with the serious diseases like cancer and it is a good supplement for the children in their childhood days.

2. Color Of Egg Shell:

We always think that the brown color egg is the best, but we are wrong, both the white and the brown egg have the same nutrients and protein ratio, the difference is about the color of the hen, brown color egg is from the brown hen and white color egg from the white hen, so you can eat any color of egg.

3. Color Of Egg Yolk:

When you crack the egg, you will get the egg yolk and it also has the different colors, but the color of the yolk has no relationship with the protein content, color mainly has the relation with the food that the hen had eaten, dark yellow color of the yolk shows about the diet of the fresh vegetable, light yellow shows about the corn and slightly white yolk shows the wheat in diet.

4. Shelf Life:

Eggs do not have the expiry date printed on the eggs tray, you will get the batch mark of the packing tray and then you can use it up to 4 weeks, but if you forget the date of packing then you can also check it by your own, you need to take the bowl, fill it with the water, now add the egg in it, if the egg is floating then it should not be used and you should throw it.

5. Cholesterol Level:

Eggs have the good cholesterol level and 75% of the need of the cholesterol can be solved with the eggs only, so if you are eating eggs in the breakfast then you will less chance of the heart attack, also it helps in fighting with the bad cholesterol that is stored to the heart.

6. Unlimited Dishes:

If you have eggs in your kitchen, then you need not think about the hunger, eggs is easy to cook and you can add this to many recipes, you can boil it, you can eat it raw with the milk, you can cook omelet of it, you can make delicious sandwiches also. The whole confectionery industry depends on the egg, you will not have the cake without the egg.

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