5 Yoga Exercise For Rotatory Cuff Pain

Everyone wants bigger and shredded shoulder, there are many of the exercises for this but it is important how you do the exercises, if you do not know the proper procedure of it, then you have the injury, rotatory cuff is in the shoulder and it allow the shoulder to move, so there might be a pain while exercising wrong and you have to stop your exercises immediately. Here are some of the yoga exercises by which you can get relief from the rotatory cuff pain.

Below Are The 5 Yoga Exercise For Rotatory Cuff Pain:

1. Full Stretch To Both Sides

First interlace your finger and stretch your arms towards to the floor, now raise your hand with the same stretch to the ceiling, now bend to the to left side and have the pressure on the left side shoulder, now raise your toe to the maximum height, now release it and do the same for the right side.

2. 360 Degree Rotating Shoulder

Raise your hand to the up, now keep your fingers straight with full stretch, now rotate the right side to the clock wise and the left shoulder to the anti clock wise, do the full 360 rotation, do the exercise slowly, with the steady speed from both the shoulder, after sometime change the rotation of the hands.

3. Hugging Hands Each Other

Raise your  left hand, so that it will have the perpendicular to the shoulder, now raise your right hand to the elbow of the left hand, now hug it and pull the left hand towards the chest so that your shoulder will have the full stretch, hold the position for the 5 seconds, then release it and do the same with the right hand.

4. Push By Twisting The Hands

Now raise your hands, so that it will have the shape of the cactus, now open front of the chest, now come to the center position by moving the elbow towards each other, cross your right arm to the left arm, now push the palms to each other, now push your elbow away from your shoulder and bend yourself with back straight, now release to the rest position and do it again.

5. Lie On The Floor

Now lie to the floor so that the face it towards the floor, now raise your both hands and open it against the floor, now raise your right hand towards the ceiling and twist yourself through your shoulder and if possible twist your knees also to the maximum, now come back to the rest position and do the same from the left hand.

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