5 Workouts To Improve Forearm Muscle Growth And Strength

A person going to the gym would always prefer having to do with exercises that helps him gain muscles that can be flaunted and forearm muscles is one of them. Forearms and wrists if not worked upon can lead you to do a reduced weight lifting thereby affecting your overall capability to lift weights. Thus it is always advisable to take some time off from the main routine and work upon the forearms and the wrists.

Some Of The Best Exercises For The Good Results That Can Be Attained On The Wrists And Forearms Are Stated Below As The Following:

1. Reverse Barbell Curl

The most basic exercise for getting good biceps is holding a rod with weights and lifting it up till your shoulders. Now with the same idea, hold the barbell with a downward grip and do the same thing as done for the biceps. 15 reps of the same in 3 sets are surely going to help your cause in getting strong forearms. This also plans to get you the extra help on your wrists thus making it as one of the best exercises to get strong features in the forearm area.

2. Palms Up Dumbbell Wrist Curl

This doesn’t look like a very intense exercise while doing it but can help you greatly in getting your forearms in shape. Sit in a relaxed position with your back bending a little in front and hold a dumbbell in your one hand and raise it slightly in a small curl. Repeat this for 15 times in a set of 3 to attain the best results.

3. Palms Down Dumbbell Wrist Curls

The same way to go about it as stated above but the only difference is in the position of holding the dumbbell. The change in the grip will allow the forearms to be attracted as the center of workout (as the wrist was being worked majorly above). Even though the forearm area is worked out in the above exercise, this gives the major boost in getting strong forearms for conducting further exercises.

4. Pushups

Yes pushups can help your cause greatly if done in the right manner. Pushups are perhaps a one stop exercise for all the body muscles and forearms isn’t included anywhere in this. A pushup has the capability of working out the forearms effectively as while getting up, the shoulders and the forearms are the ones that help. A set of 3 containing 15 pushups is considered to be ideal for the overall body workout. For best results, always try to achieve at least 5 more pushups in each of the set as that would be high intensity training which is always suggested by the gym trainers.

5. Farmer’s Walk

Ever seen a farmer holding heavy stuff on both the sides and walking, this is the same thing that needs to be done. While holding dumbbells with substantial weights and walking for about 10-15 meters can help you get good forearms as well. Because this isn’t a very intense exercise, this is done in cases when the muscles requires some rest but still needs to work out to keep the muscles warm and working. 3 sets are to be achieved and in between the exercises, a 60 second rest can be afforded to let the muscle also take some rest before being worked out.

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