5 Stunning Styles Of Braided Beard For Men

Though remaining clean shaven has become a must have fashion statement for modern men still some men of today like to have beard or mustache on face. It is also seen that some men even want to have large or long beard on face. Not trimming or cutting a beard for long time can give birth to long thick beard. On this kind of beard these men apply some unique touch. Knotting a thick beard into a braid is one of such touches or styles. There are different interesting variations of this braided beard which is seen among men of today. This style can make you look gorgeous regardless of age.

Here Are 5 Different Stunning Styles Of Braided Beard For Men:

1. Thick Closely Weaved Long Braided Beard

Some men like to have long thick beard that extends to chest or below it. Such men sometimes like to bring a thick braid out of this beard. The knots are seen very frequent or closely weaved in such style also. It is a very gorgeous style that can make you look outstanding in crowd.

2. Medium Long Beard With Two Braids

Some men do not like to have long too thick beard that extends too long. Such men in some cases like to have two not too thick braids out of this kind of beard. If adapted such two braids certainly add a shade to the personality of a man.

3. Short Slim Braided Beard Look

It is seen that some modern men though like beard or braided beard but do not prefer thick long braid. Instead these men opt for a slim short braided beard look. It none the less makes a man look fascinating.

4. The Viking Style

Vikings were ancient warrior tribe who used to have thick bushy beard on face. Out of this bushy jungle like beard these Vikings very often brought out  one or two or three medium braids while most of the beard remained loose.. These braid or braids certainly made them look more valiant and strong. If you have long beard and have weakness for historic warriors then you can go for Viking braided beard look.

5. Beard With Multiple Colored Braids

Some men with ultra modern fashion attitude bring out very slim multiple braids out of thick not too long beard on face. On such multiple braids they then apply color of their choice too. This style approach can make you look evergreen if you are middle aged or have crossed it. Young men also can adapt this style without hesitation.

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