5 Stretches That Will Heal Sore Neck

Neck pain is a common happening that can happen out of any activity. It might happen due to a funky sleeping position, an intense workout, hours of work in front of the computer, etc. A sore neck is not only painful but even leads to a headache and upper back pain. It is a common parlance that neck pain happens when the hips, spine, and shoulder along with the head are in disarray. Due to this, the neck pain happens and causes stiffness. To diminish the pain, there are various stretches that can be done.

1. Seated Neck Release

It is a gentle stretch that focuses majorly on the neck sides. To perform this stretch, one needs to sit on the floor with legs in a cross position. If done on a chair then the feet must be in a flat position on the ground. The right arm must be extended to the right knee or the right side of the chair. The left hand must be on the top of the head and the head must be tilt slowly to the left. A gentle pressure must be provided to the hand to enhance the stretch. This helps in stabilizing the torso and helps in isolating the stretch. The position must be held for 25 seconds and the head must be lifted slowly. The same needs to be repeated for the other side.

2. Seated Clasping Neck Stretch

The hands must be used for a better stretch that will help the back of the neck and the upper back. One must sit on a chair and be both the palms to the back of the head. Keep the stand erect and press the hand down towards the thigh. The chin must be tucked to the chest. After pressing down, the heels of the palms must be used to pull the head away from the shoulder. The stretch will be intensified further and the position must be held for 25 seconds.

3. Behind The Neck Stretch

A unique and effective stretch that can be performed anywhere and helps to provide a deep stretch to the neck sides. One must stand with hip apart and arms by the side. Both the hands must be at the back and the left wrist must be held with the right hand. The right hand must be used to straighten the left arm in a gentle manner. To enhance the stretch the right ear must be lowered towards the shoulder. A hold for 30 seconds will fetch a great result.

4. Static Wall

The static wall is an exercise where the muscles of the neck and the upper back will be released on a continuous basis because the thoracic back extends as opposed to the floor’s hard surface. When the thigh and the toes are pulled back, the exercise will help in engaging the lower leg muscles without any interference from the disturbance in the upper body. One needs to lie on the floor and charge into the wall with the legs in a straight position. The toes must be pulled back and the thighs must be tightened. The position must be held for 30 seconds.

5. Frog

The frog is not only related to a good feeling but also linked to muscles release of the inner thigh region. One must breathe in this position and focus on the happening in the body. The muscles of the new, jaw and the upper back will be felt. It is important that one must not chew gum during the ongoing exercise. It is vital that body must be composed and adjusted. One must lie on the floor with feet together and the knees must be apart. The palms must be on the floor at 45 degrees to the body. Relax in the position for 3 minutes and the back will ultimately arch off the floor and one should permit this to take place.

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