5 Staying Fit Trapezius Muscle Exercises

Trapezius muscles are really very important for building muscles, strength and for your brain to work properly as trap muscles are connected to your neck, head and shoulder. Torso shape of the back of men must be properly shaped for that handsome and flattery looks. Toned and well shaped trap muscles situated on upper back of your body help you in maintaining V back body shape. V shape back enhances your personality and can get you more attractive figure. The trap muscle workouts are awesome and would also benefit your shoulders, neck, triceps, biceps, trap muscles, wing muscles and entire upper body! Add this amazing trapezius muscle exercises to you dally workout and get that perfect posture! Try these super cool workouts and make our body healthy!

1. Barbell Overhead Shrug:

If you want to work on your traps, this is a workout which would make them beautifully toned; this is a high impact workout which can work magically on your shoulders, arms, biceps and various upper body muscles. The weighted workout are perfect for the trap muscles and with these barbell overhead shrug workout, you can build and sculpt them. Perform 10-15 repetitions of this awesome workout daily and make your muscles tighter!

2. Lateral Raises:

If you love the weighted workouts which can work miracles on your body, here is an awesome raise which can target your trap muscles and make them super strong. The lateral raises would specifically target the trap muscles and would keep your body awesome. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and raise your hands in the sides. This would make you stronger, balanced and would help in building he trap muscles! This is a workout which you must try to build the traps!

3. Dumbbell Overhead Presses:

Overhead dumbbell presses can target specifically on your shoulders, triceps, biceps, wing muscles and traps. To give strength and endurance to your upper body, this is the perfect workout which you must consider. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and stand straight. Now perform the dumbbell overhead presses while raising your arms in the ceiling direction. Feel your arms and hands getting stretched in the ceiling direction and perform this awesome workout! Perform 10-15 repetitions of this awesome workout and feel your traps getting stronger with each move!

4. Face Pulls:

This high impact workout would fill you with power, strength and amazing freshness. Face pulls are the best strengthening exercises which can build trap muscles. Your arms and trap muscles get stretched when you perform the face pulls. While you stretch the band, your back, shoulders, traps, arms etc muscles get amazingly stretched and toned! Perform 20 repetitions of this awesome workout daily and your trap muscles would get built enviably! This is one of the high impact workouts which would make your body look picture perfect!

5. Kettle Bell Sumo High Pull:

Carrying weight is extremely important for building trap muscles. If you love amazing variations for weight lifting, instead of barbells and dumbbells, you can use the ketbells which would tone your trap muscles and shoulders just as you wanted! The ketbell sumo high pulls would strengthen your entire body and specially impact your trap muscles. The sumo ketbell pulls strengthens your legs, hips, thighs, arms, trap muscles, shoulder and different body parts. Perform this unique and high intensity workout to build awesome body within just few days!

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