5 Powerful Ab Toning And Strengthening Exercises At Your Desk

Feeling unsatisfied after escaping your daily workouts due to long and unending office hours. Today’s sedentary lifestyle brings so many disease and disabilities because of unhealthy eating and zero workout schedule. It feels so bad to find your tummy bump out especially, when you have spent so many hours behind it for those amazing abs.

So here we have some powerful Ab toning and strengthening exercises which you can perform at your desk, specially prepared for exercise lovers! It will also help you to fight with boredom and laziness at work by only taking 5 – 10 minutes of break. Try these workouts are magical and would get you some awesome magical results within few days! Ever imagine that you can tone your abs in the office? Here are those magical options which would keep you stunned!

1. Desk Cycling:

Cycling has an amazing impact on the abs. cycling is a process of moving the legs and paddling. This paddling effect can strengthen your abs muscles and legs too! So if you are looking for an ab tightening workout, go for desk cycling! Sit on your desk, stretch your legs in front and start paddling. Feel the stretch and flexibility on your abs and keep working! This is one of the workouts which you can perform anywhere while sitting and without any worries of getting a fat belly, perform this little workout and ton your abs!

Desk Cycling

2. Abs Pull Up:

This is something which you would surely love! Pull-ups give amazing strength to the lower body and especially to the legs and abs. while you perform the leg pull ups, sitting on a desk, your abdomen muscles, legs, hips, thighs etc gets toned. Whenever you get a little free time from your work, get into the relaxation mode, hang your both legs in the air folded, and perform the pull ups. This is a tough workout in which you need to balance your legs and hands. Also in the beginning you can hold the desk and perform the pull ups.sit straight and perform the pull ups with your legs feeling your abs getting tough and tight!

Abs Pull Up

3. Planks Using Chair:

If you get a little privacy along with a little break in your office, you can go for this plank variation which you can perform with your desk or chair. This is a simple elevated plank which would strengthen your upper and middle body. For those lavish eye catchy abs, this is a perfect workout straight from your office desk! Place the chair and settle your hands on the chair, stand away from the chair and let your body feel the stretch. Now rest your body weight on the palms and feet. Keep in this position for few seconds and release!

Planks Using Chair

4. Crunches:

The most amazing thing about crunches is that this workout can be performed anywhere! While you get a little free time from your work, get a bit stretchy band relaxed! On your comfortable chair, perform the crunches. Or you can also sleep and perform the crunches if you have enough space and privacy!

5. Pilate:

Pilates are one of the most effective ways to workout in your free time while working. On the office chair, you can perform different variations of Pilates which is very easy and comfortable. Also you can perform it on the ball chair if you have! Hold your chair and raise your arms and legs for a perfect stretch and strong ab muscles!

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