5 No-Equipment Back Exercises For Improved Strength And Power

Our back is a great support system of our body. While you perform any workout or do any day to day task, your back strength helps you to do all the work effortlessly. Back strength is immensely important to keep yourself going without any pain and issues. Every adult must perform the back strengthening workout to stay strong and prevent injuries.

If you are not willing to lift weights but need the back strengthening workouts to attain strength and flexibility, here are some cool no equipment workouts which you can perform without weights. These workouts help equally as the high impact workouts and would give amazing results. Say bye to the dumbbells and build awesome strength in your back with these powerful workouts!

1. Bridges:

Bridges and its amazing variations would never fail to give you a cool body. Bridges helps in strengthening the back along with your abdomen and entire body. While you perform bridges, our back gets strong. Bridges can allow your back to stretch and get more powerful. Perform the bridges and build amazing back strength in a dreamy way!

2. Abdominal Chair Crunch:

For those who suffer from back pain, this is one of the most high impact workouts which can repair your back and make it strong. Chair crunches are performed at an elevated platform ad thus can help in maintaining the strength and power of your back! While you perform the chair crunches, your upper and lower back muscles are targeted. Also your shoulders and spine gets worked out with this workout. Relax and empower your back muscles with this awesome crunch variation!

3. Squats:

If you are wondering how squats can help you get amazing back strength, this is a workout which applies pressure and strengthens your upper and lower back making it stronger and powerful. While you perform the squats, you need to hold on the position when you bend push yourself downwards. This helps in building strength and endurance in your back and makes it more powerful. Perform squats as a no equipment workout to strengthen your back and improve your posture! Perform the squats and tone your lower back muscles, improve your posture, tone your lower body, tone up your abdomen and extract numerous benefits from this single workout!

4. Planks With Arm Raise:

This is a workout which promises awesome back strength. The new twist in the planks makes your back and arms stronger. Generally we perform the planks with both the arms on the floor while this is a variation which is exceptionally awesome for the back. While you perform the planks, raise one of your arms on your side. Rest your body on the other hand as well on your feet. This move supports your back and makes it super strong!

5. Side Plank Hold:

If you are looking for a stunning plank variation which can keep your back stable and strong, here is a cool option to try right now! Your oblique muscles as well your lower back muscles get targeted with this amazing plank variation and would help you in building strength and endurance. Get into the side plank position. Now rest your above leg on the floor in front of you and hold on this position. This hold targets and strengthens your lower back! Try this side plank hold and keep getting stronger day by day!

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