5 Moves To Burn Out The Fat Of The Pilates Area

Well if you are planning to do some exercises for your Pilates, then you need a lot of the work on it, there are some many of the exercises for the Pilates but first you need to check which type of the exercises you actually want, if you are a thin and try to build come muscles then you should do exercises with the high weights and less repetition, but now a days most of us has fat to the Pilates area, so you need to take extra care for this, you need to do the many repetitions with the low weights as the fat will not be there, then you can develop the muscles.

Here Are Some Of The Exercises That Will Burn The Fat Of The Pilates Area:

1. The 100 Exercise:

This is one of the best exercise to reduce the fat, in this just get the bed position, then slowly raise your legs, now bend your knees with the angle of the 90 degree, now raise your back so that the Pilates will be in tension, make sure the back should be straight and there will not be any jerk in it, now raise your hands parallel to the ground and then slowly touch the ground and raise it up to the hip level, now do it fast and do it to the maximum level.

2. Rolling Ball:

In this exercise you need to become the Swiss and you roll your body like a ball, just lie on the ground, now bend your keens to the 90 degree angle and then close it to the chest, now hold the knees with the hands and then roll in the amplitude of the back range, this will work on each of the muscles and you will nice results, make sure that there should not be any pain to the back, if there is pain then immediately stop it, do the 20 rolling of about the 5 sets.

3. Single Leg Teaser:

This is the advance level of the exercise and remove the fat from the Pilates ares easily, in this bend your knee at right angle, then you need to raise one leg and make it straight at 45 degree angle to the ground, straight your hand and try to touch the legs and squeeze the abs area, make sure your back should be straight without any stress, do the 10 repetitions and then change the sides and perform the exercise.

4. Cris Cross Exercise:

This is a good exercise for the Pilates, in this you need to lie on the ground, now raise your legs and bend your knees at right angles, place your hands behinds your head, now slowly pull your right leg to the left and try to touch it with the right legs, then go back to the rest position, now do the same with the other leg and then do the exercise, do the 10 repetitions with 4 sets, make sure that you should not give jerk to the neck.

5. Saw Exercise:

This is a good exercise, in this you need to sit on the ground, now extend your legs and make a gap between the legs, now touch the right toe with the left hand and then left toe with the right hand, while touching bend slightly and twist the belly area, make sure that you should keep your back straight, now do the 10 repetitions each side of about the 5 sets.

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