5 Moves That Are More Effective Than Sit-Ups

Sit ups are awesome for various benefits. Men love sit-ups and the cool benefits of this awesome workout on their body. But there are some awesome moves which would surpass the benefits of sit ups and would keep your body super strong. For strength, endurance and power, nothing can be more magical than these workouts! Also, bringing some variations and change in your workout pattern can increase the chances of more benefits and would tone your body in an unexpected way! These are the workouts which can strengthen your abs, your arms, legs, muscles and each and every body part which would tone your body magically!

1. Hanging Leg Raises:

If you are looking for a high impact workout which can tone your lower and middle body, here is a cool workout which would get you stunned! The hanging leg raises would not only target your abs, legs and entire lower body but would also turn your arms and core muscles super strong! Your arms, biceps and upper body toning is an additional benefit so this workout which you must consider. This workout would tone your abs, sides, back, core, legs and entire body while improving posture which is quite more in comparison to sit ups!

2. Deadlifts:

This awesome weighty workout is amazing and would tone your muscles in a dreamy way. For that masculine and athletic body, you must consider deadlifts which will fill you with strength, power and balance! Deadlifts can make your muscles strong, prevent injuries and would also keep you healthy! Burn calories; improve strength and endurance with this wokro9ut. The weighted workout would benefit you more than the sit-ups and keep your body sculpted naturally! Your core, back and lower body will get toned along with your arms in this workout!

3. Planks:

Planks are awesome workout which can target numerous muscles of your body and keep you toned! Planks not only target the lower body but would evenly sculpt your body along with weight loss benefits! While you perform planks, your body weight gets distributed and you feel the stretch and power distributed in your legs and upper body. Your abs would get stretched, tightened and flexible with this move. Also your legs, back strength, core muscles would get benefited with this tough and heavy workout! Thus, perform planks and its unique variations which would surely give your full body benefits compared to sit ups!

4. Bicycle Crunches:

If you want to target your lower body o be precise, the bicycle crunches are the best workouts which you must include in your workout regime! Bicycle crunches would not only help in strengthening and toning your lower body but would also help in building super cool abs! For abdominal muscles which look flattering and picture perfect, this is the best workout which you can consider in replacement of sit-ups! This workout would help in strengthening your core, building enviable muscles! Thus try bicycle crunches and get uncountable benefits!

5. Weighted Russian Twist:

We love this high impact workout which has awesome benefits on the target areas like abs, lower body, upper body, core muscles, back etc! When you carry the weight in your hands and perform the Russian twists, your abs would get toned and ripped in a dreamy way! For a chiseled and flawless body, this workout is one of the best options which you can consider instead of the sit-ups. This workout would help you improve balance, strength, power and posture all in one!

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