5 Healthy Fats For Your Body

You should not need to worry about the fat. Fat is just like the cell it stores energy for the body, but if the energy is stored too much in the body, then it becomes proper, even we need some amount of the fat always for the proper function of the body, healthy fats easily converted in the energy form from the stored form so they are essential for the body.

There are some food that are not good for us and the fat from them is also not good for us, so we need to find out which is a good fat and which one is bad for us.here are some of the healthy fats that we should always take for the body.

Here Are Some Of The Healthy Fats That We Should Always Take For The Body:

1. Butter:

Butter is good fat for the body, we always heard that the butter is not good for health but we are talking about the organic butter, that we get from the milk by the centrifugal process or the butter separator, now to make it healthy we must boil the milk at low temperature this will make the butter healthy. The organic butter has the omega fatty acids that are good for the health of the brain and the body. It has the vitamins also that are water soluble and easily absorbed by the body.[1]

2. Coconut Oil:

We apply coconut oil to the skin, massage the head with the coconut oil, we cook the food in the coconut oil, we use coconut oil in an extensive way, it also contains fat, but these fat are not harmful for us, the fat gets easily digested when we use it as a food substance and dissolve in the cells of the skin of the body, it has the good cholesterol that it good for the body, it increases the memory power of the body also. This is good for the digestion also.[2]

3. Olive Oil:

Olive oil also has the fats in it but adding olive oil in the cooking reduces the risk of the heart attack, olive oil is basically base in nature, that remove the clotting of the blood vessels, it also gives us the essential good cholesterol, also the food cooked in it is easy to digest, it has the high amount of the antioxidants that it use by the cells of the body to repair themselves, olive oil is good for the brain also, as it clear the blood vessels of the brain also and provide energy to the brain also.[3]

4. Flax Seed:

Flax seed is known to the fish for the vegetarians. It has the unsaturated fats, but the fat is good, it has the omega 3 acid that it enemy of the blood clotting and reduces the heart attack, the fat stored in it is easily diluted in the blood and reduce the cholesterol level also, so you need to make the powder of it and then you need to use the 1 tablespoon of it at the morning with the lukewarm water, the good thing about the flex seed is that it reduces the bad fat of body also.[4]

5. Eggs:

Eggs are known to be the best source of the protein and fat, but we use egg white and throw the egg yolk of it, but egg yolk is also helpful for the brain and long, healthy hair, it has the vitamin B that gives strength to the chest muscles and the brain muscles, also we apply the eggs to the hair this nourishes the hair also.

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