5 Hamstring Strengthening Exercises For Athletes Speed And Agility

Hamstring are essential for both bodybuilder as well as athletes. It play a vital role in various sports activities such as swimming,running and much more. Workout the hamstring muscles would give you strong muscles with great flexibility. Here are the top 5 hamstring strengthening exercise that is recommended for all the body builder and athletes. As hamstring plays vital part in running, swimming and any sort of athletic movements, you can workout these exercise for strengthening your weak muscles.

1. Stability Ball Hanstring Curl:

This amazing workout would give you strong muscles around arms and legs. Moreover, it keeps you fresh and energetic all day long. Lie on your back and bent down the knees. keep the medicinal ball beside the knees. place both the hands besides the stomach and lift up your hip to some extent. Make sure that the hip and knees are in straight line.slowly roll the medicina ball and bring them to the chest as close as possible.

2. Standing Knee Flexion:

While performinn this standing knee Flexion, you need to do it slowly and gently. Stand on one leg and bent your other leg down. You have to hold on to this position for few minutes. In case you feel any strain, you can relax the legs .Repeat the sequence with alternate legs. Standing knee Flexion is perfect for all the athletes.

3. Straight Leg Dead Lift:

Straight knee dead lift is such a wonderful exercise to strengthen the hamstring and gluten your muscles. It works great for increasing the physical strength, stability and hip mobility. It can be simple and easy to perform. Stand comfortably and keep the dumbbell in front of your legs. Hold the dumbbell in your hand and slowly move it toward the hip. You should do it gently without any strain. Repeat the sequence for better result. Whether you are a beginner or body builder, straight leg deadlight will be easy to perform at any time.

4. Standing Hamstring Catch:

Standing hamstring catch is an excellent exercise to workout at any while. It is essential to improve the physical strength and it also helps to have strong hamstring. Stability and muscle toning would be an advantage of this exercise. Moreover, it helps build the muscle and give an energy boost.

This exercise can be quite crazy and little bit tough for the beginners. Hence you can perform this workout easily after practice. This kind of exercise would help you to activate different part of the brain and body. More and more the parts of the body that are activated, more likely it is that you have good stamina and energy level. This standing hamstring catch will certainly do a lot for your health.

5. Standing Hamstring Curls:

If you want to succeed in various sports activities, this would be the ideal solution for you. It is great workout for the athletes as it helps to build active strength and strong muscles, which is vital for the athletes. Stand straight, bent the knees and move the feet close to your butt. Hold onto the position as long as you can. Drop the leg gently on the ground. Repeat the sequence by an alternate leg. Although it is quite hard to perform, it is essential exercise to get good hamstring.

Try the above mentioned exercises along with good dietary habits and see the difference in few weeks.

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