5 Exercises To Develop Strong Powerful Oblique Muscles

The oblique muscles are one of the important muscles which take part in the movements of the chest and abdomen, while sculpting these muscles, you can strengthen your body and also get power packed abs. The obliques are the outer muscles in the abdomen which people are crazy for toning! While you workout, the oblique muscles get toned and look awesome with the abs while stretching down towards the pelvic area. We all love abs and the oblique workouts always help in toning the body and developing the adorable abs! If you are always looking for the workout option which can strengthen your oblique muscles and make your abs look simply super stunning, here are the workouts which you can consider!

1. Barbell Side Bends:

The side’s muscles are also very important to consider as they can also help in toning the abs and oblique muscles. Considering this workout in your regime would simply help you strengthen your obliques and sharpen your abs. the barbell side bends would affect your obliques and sides and would get you some jaw dropping sculpting. For strength, flexibility and stretch go for this workout and you would love the results. Hold the barbell in both hands and bend side by side. Perform 10-15 repetitions each day and within few days, you will find your oblique muscles embossing while your and getting adorably sharp!

2. Oblique Crunches:

Oblique crunch is one of the finest workouts which can work extensively on your oblique muscles and keep you strong. The oblique crunch is simple an abs exercise which can sculpt your abdomen and belly making it look super strong. These are also known as the twisted crunches as; it is a little variation to the regular crunches and impacts more on the oblique muscles. From your torso, Oblique muscles, back, sides, belly, arms, pelvic area, so many muscles are targeted with this workout and would give you an eye pleasing view of your abdomen area! Perform 10-15 repetitions if you are a beginner and gradually increase the numbers for effective results!

3. Spiderman Crunches:

Want your obloquies sculpted as never before? Go gymming this season with this awesome workout at your home, in your garden and anywhere while you will get some cool results. The Spiderman crunches are completely effective on your obliques and are a perfect variation of crunches if you want a super cool abdomen area. While you perform the Spiderman crunches, your legs stay in the side and raises while you push yourself up and down! This targets the oblique area and sharpens your muscles right way!

4. Dumbbell Twists:

Weighted workouts are magical on the obliques. The twists and bends affect oblique muscles and sculpt them beautifully while you perform the dumbbell twists, your oblique muscles would get sculpted and toned in a desirable way! Hold the dumbbells and perform the twists while sleeping and this would apply tension on your abdomen ass well on your oblique muscles. Within few days you will start noticing sculpted muscles!

5. Side Planks:

Planks on two hands are quite a common workout but side plank, with leg raises is a tough job to do! But this variation has a cool impact on your oblique muscles and if you have been dreaming about crisp and toned oblique, this workout would help you! Perform the side plank on one arm and raise your leg in the air straight while performing the plank, watch your oblique muscles getting toned with this workout option!

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