5 Exercises For Collar Muscles For Improved Sports

Say “kickass workout” and the image of muscular fitness freaks pumping iron comes into your mind. But long before you set forth to build the body of yours dreams; spare a thought for having strong collar muscles especially if you happen to be part of improved sports. Let’s put it this way; Collar muscles are an integral part of every arm activity as they endure the amount of weight that is to be lifted and suspended subsequently. Improved sport banks on kinesiology principle which reiterates the importance of having strengthened core muscles. Strong collar muscles come into play when you do any “over the shoulder” weight training or go for pull up exercise. Perform the following 5 exercises for collar muscles for improved sports and experience the poise that you lacked while lifting weight before.

Below Are The 5 Exercises For Collar Muscles For Improved Sports:

1. Arnold Press

Largely seen as a workout for the front portion of shoulders, Arnold press also improves the collar muscles with lots of consistency without weight overtures. Named after the forever reigning role model of fitness, this workout is regarded best for beginners. The signature “V” shape formed as you lift dumbbells activates the collar muscles just about right for better conditioning and strength growth.

2. Overhead Shrug

Another collar muscles exercise for improved sports that can also be done with light weights. The exercise is to be done by pressing the bar overhead shrugging them from upward position to below. The bar must be gripped at least shoulder with apart to avoid any injury in the initial training. Not only do you get strong collar muscles, there would also be a improvement in the department of muscle flexibility.

3. Lateral Rise

Lateral rise is one of the maximum impact exercises for collar muscles. Unlike, other exercises for collar muscles for improved sports wherein you have other muscles to aggregate weight; lateral rise infuses all the weight of the dumbbells. During this exercise, keep your body steady and straight as line as you swing the dumbbells’ duo outside your body. You can keep your elbows bent but only slightly. During the entire action of lifting the weight, ensure the arms are parallel to the surface. Ten reps of three sets make the collar muscles sturdy.

4. Push Press

Stiffness of collar muscles is the biggest deterrent of any collar muscles exercise. With push press, the most common exercise on the books, stiffness can easily be warded off whilst improving the collar muscles at the same time. To begin, stand straight with your spine not bending even one bit. Hold your pair of dumbbells above the head; get to the bent position from knees to hip. While the feet get engaged in the latter part of the workout, your collar muscles get a kick the moment you lift the weight over the head. Reps are absolutely necessary for this particular workout and one must have at least of them.

5. Single Arm Kettlebell Press

While performing single arm kettle press; keep your feet wide apart. Few more things to watch out for; Let the kettlebell rest on the shoulder’s front region. Next, while you press the kettlebell upward, let the weight rest on the front of the forearm. Keep rotating the arms after every set till it reaches ten. The idea behind this workout is to enhance your collar muscles individual endurance level for single-hand activities like throwing and pulling.

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