5 Different Styles Of Long Thick Beard That Add Personality To Men

Remaining clean shaven has become an almost must do fashion statement for modern men. Modern men think that remaining free of beard and mustache makes them look attractive in public. But even in this time there are some men who like to have some hair on face so that they can look gorgeous. There are different styles of beard that exists n modern society. Among these long thick beard is frequently seen. The basic rule of this beard is to let it grow without any cutting. After a beard grows to certain length then you can bring some changes in it by applying cut. It is not very difficult to adapt. This kind of beard can add dimension to the personality of a man.

Here Are 5 Different Styles Of Long Thick Beard That Add Personality To Men:

1. Very Long Thick Well Shaped Beard

Some men like to have very long and thick beard that extends to chest or below chest level. These men also like to bring some sort of smoothness to the beard by trimming sides. This style is mostly seen among a bit aged men or middle aged men. But an young man also can look quite attractive in this style too.

2. Long Thick Bushy Beard

In contrast to previous style some men like to have thick bread that they do not cut or trim for a nice smooth look. Rather bushy disarranged look is preferable to them. The style is also attractive nonetheless.

3.  Long Beard With Two Halves

Adapting long to very long thick bushy type beard was a very popular style among men particularly a bit aged men in past. Some men used to divide such beard in two halves in lower part. A modern man who likes to adapt such long beard can have this style without any hesitation too. It will make him look smashing in crowd regardless of age.

4. Thick Garibaldi Beard

Not all men like to have a long to very long beard on face. They like thick beard that does not extend much below the shoulder or chest. If you prefer this kind of beard then you can go for a thick Garibaldi look. Garibaldi was the renowned historic personality who used to have this beard. Garibaldi beard with a bit thickness certain elevates personality of a man.

5. Long Braided Beard Look

Some men although like long to very long thick beard but do not like the loose look. They like to make a healthy braid out of the thick long beard and let it hang on chest. This amazing style looks quite awe inspiring in terms of modern fashion.

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