5 Chest Exercises For Muscles Without Weight

Much like biceps or even strong pair of arms at large, well defined chest too adds a lot to your upper body strength. Cranked up chest muscles can always come in a handful for men and women alike to perform everyday task that requires muscular strength. Well defined chest has essentially been the mark of raw male machismo and adds volumes to the physical fitness and oomph factor. However, a sizable number of fitness enthusiasts and experts are oblivious to the fact that chest workout without weight is just as intense and grueling as it is when done with specialized equipments. So if you are a beginner or one of those who fail to hit the gym due to a busy schedule, add these 5 chest workout without weights in your fitness regime.

Below Are The 5 Chest Exercises For Muscles Without Weight:

1. Traditional Push-Ups

Known to all fitness freaks, done by many. Yet traditional push-ups are seen by one and all as the best workout for arms. Interestingly, traditional push-ups also exert a lot of pressure on the pectoral muscles as you lift your body off the floor while the palms are placed firmly on the floor. For all your knowledge about push-ups as the most basic and fundamental exercise in the world of fitness, it is important to point out that you need to lift your body off the floor by at least two to four inches. For better monitoring of your push-ups’ accuracy and efficacy, place a book under your chest.

2. Incline Push-Ups

Add the rigors of incline push-ups in your daily regimen and you are set to get monstrously strong and cranked up chest. The workout adds to the push-ups thanks to the incline that can operate on the half body on ground- half body in elevation principle. Be sure of your back keeping straight and using an object for incline which does not slide across and holds your weight well.

3. Dips

We believe you performed them unwittingly at school and kid’s park as teenagers. The beauty of the workout lies on the fact that it uses the very body weight of yours to work on the muscles rather than bringing any dumbbell to the equation. What you do require is a pair of sturdy bars. Maintain a very poised position and keep your grip strong all the time. Reps for this workout vary from 15-30 depending on how long you take to get your acts right.

4. Wide Arm Push-Ups

It’s back to the basics again. While traditional push-ups continue to be the most reliable workout for chest, some wish to push the envelope and look to get wider chest. In this regard, no other workout without weight is as effective as wide arm push up. With more distance between the arms, the pectoral muscles get the most immediate stretch and lifting the body up enhances the upper body strength as well.

5. Chest Stretches

For all those fitness freaks who are still unsure about getting started, chest stretch is the workout that you should literally take up with open arms! Simply bring your arms at the front and join the palms together. Next, move your hands back and bring them to the point of start back. Too simple? Well, it so happens that you need to do tens of them starting with quick to super fast as you gain momentum.

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