5 Challenging Combination Workouts For Muscle Gain

Are you the one who does not like sweating the small stuff? You desire for instant results while working out and yet you are aversive towards steriods and vitamin supplements to help you sculpt the muscles you always wanted. If this is the case then combination workouts is the answer to a gym session well spent. Combination workouts involve the act of performing two workouts, either blended seamlessly into one or performed right after the other without a break or change in the equipment. Although hard to perform intially, they go a long way in making you more resilient. In addition to this the effect of the workout lasts long after it has been erformed, enabling you to burn energy at a quciker rate.So grab a ball, have a ball of a time with your gym buddy challenging them to all combination moves listed below.

1. Squat And Calf Raise

This is one of those relatively unknown workout is rarely performed owing to the fact that its benefits are unknown. It gives your lower body the complete workout it requires and improves thigh stength. Athletes often swear by this workout as their warm up excercise.

This workout requires a heavy barbell. Raise it up behind your shoulders. Spread your legs two feet wide and then go into a squat, knees unbent. As you raise yourself up, ensure that your toes are stretched and your heels are above the ground. This is called a calf raise. Perform atleast 6-8 sets on an average.

2. Bicep Curl And Shoulder Press

The muscles of your biceps are connected to that of your shoulder. So in order to train your arm strength,it is better you perform a combination of both these sets. Take dumbells in both your arms and first perform a bicep curl followed by a shoulder press. This means that you first extend your arms fully upwards pause and then move onto a bending your arms from your hips to your shoulders. Performing 3-4 sets a day will give you the results you want.

3. Swiss Ball Push Up And Abs Pike

Here is the workout that makes its presence felt in your abs, triceps and chest all at once. While push-ups are usually performed horizontly, this one is vertical as your legs when placed on the swiss ground are lifted off the ground. In addition to stamina, you need to work on your balance so that your leg does not shiver when it is placed on the ball.

Place your feet on the ball and perform a push up, hands and shoulders wide apart. As soon as you rise up, arch your body like a moutain with your legs still on the ball. Lower down to a push up again. Perform 2-3 sets in a day.

4. Pull up And Hanging Knee Raise

Research has time and again proved that pull ups are more effective for your abs than any of your ab specific workouts. Hence all you have to do is add more sequence to your pull ups by performing hanging knee raise simultaneously.

Perform pull ups as many times as you are comfortable, with each progressive pull up try to get your chin above the bar. Pause for a moment as you switch over to hanging knee raise. Ensure that your knees are bent to your chest and is in an angle of 90 degrees where your feet is parallel to the ground. Now try to perform both the pull up and hanging knee raise simultaneously.

5. Bent over And Romanian Deadlift

Hold the barbell in front of your hips with a strong grip. Ensure that their is a shoulder width distance in your legs. All you have to do is bend your upper part of the body with your knees bent slightly. As ypu bend lift up the barbell up and down aligned to your abdomen.

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