5 Caffeine-Free Ways To Beat The Midday Slump

Are you tensed about your afternoon drowsiness? Office colleagues are teasing because of your head is falling on the hands after 3 pm? Well, this means you are damn tired and you need some rest. Some people face the midday fall. But honestly, you don’t need to drink lots of caffeine to avoid it. There are a few solutions. You can follow some simple tricks to boost your energy. There are lots of ways to avoid drowsiness without any bad habit. Let’s have a look on these tricks to avoid the midday tiredness without coffee.

Here Are The 5 Caffeine-Free Ways To Beat The Midday Slump:

1. Smell the Citrus Fruit

The aroma of Lemon or Oranges can help you to boost the energy. You can smell the lemon zest or peel the oranges to feel fresh. It will relieve you from stress and encourage you to work hard. Vitamin C also increases the energy from inside. Eat some lemon juice or orange juice to be livelier after 3pm. You can keep a small bottle perfume of citrus fruits with you. If you can’t escape from work to have a juice, then smell the citrus perfume.

2. Chew A Gum

Chewing a gum can provide your breath refreshment as well as increase your heart rate. Research proved that the effort of chewing a gum will boost the blood circulation in the brain. It also increases the alertness. Have a mint flavoured gum pack inside your bag and try it whenever you feel drowsy. Chewing a gum is not so harmful so you can have it anytime for energize you.

3. Walk

Walking is always beneficiary for the health. Doctors and gym trainers suggest for 30 to 45 minutes walking in a day. Walking to get fresh air is really cool. So, you can include the 3 pm walking into your walking routine. It will refresh your mind and body. In fact, the freshness will relieve you from stress and raise the concentration power. Walking will help you to get out of the depression and other health problems. Whenever you feel upset and tired, just go for a walk. Walking increases the blood circulation in the body and it is a great way to exercise daily. Moreover, you can walk at any time and at any age. It is not a harmful exercise.

4. Take Some Nap

Whenever you get sometime take some break and get a nap. The 15 to 20 minutes nap will help you to get new energy. This way you will get a refresh mind and boost you’re your creativity. So, if you get a time don’t waste it. Sleeping for some time will help you to get good amount of power to work hard in the office. So, don’t be upset for your drowsiness. You can also have some carbohydrate food to energize more.

5. Listen To Your Favourite Numbers

This trick is simply wow. Music always provides you energy and refreshment. If you feel drowsy and can’t concentrate on anything then just stop working and listen to your favourite songs. It can be any song. Collect your favourites in an iPod or mobile phone or MP3 and keep it with you. We can assure you that many people in the whole world take the help of music in their hard time. Load some loud music in your drive to get upright and start working hard.

These incredible ideas are surely going to help you in getting rid of mid day slump. Try them out and see the difference.

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