5 Beginners Exercises To Tone And Improve Upper Thigh Flexibility

Men are very conscious about their body and love to tone each and every body part. Especially the fitness enthusiasts, the sports men, athletes and such men who have to strengthen their body for better performance, need some amazing workouts which can tone and shape the upper thighs. The upper thighs are immensely important muscles which have to be worked out. These muscles can provide flexibility, strength and a perfect balance. There are few amazing workouts which can make your upper thighs strong and healthy. These workouts are stretchier and will tone your upper thighs amazingly. Improving the upper thigh muscles, you will also be able to work on the butt muscles, lower ab muscles, legs, and entire lower body! Thus go through these upper hip strengthening workouts!

1. Hip Bridges

Hip bridges are amazing and when it comes to lower body, it helps in sculpting and strengthening all the muscles present in there! Hip bridges can strengthen the upper hip muscles, legs, sharpen the butt muscles, would work magically on your abdomen muscles and will get you amazed! Hip bridges are extremely strengthening and can provide flexibility. Thus perform the hip bridges to tone your upper and lower hip muscles!

2. Chair squats

Squats are one of the finest workouts which can tone your upper hips and improve flexibility. For those who love to run, participate in different sports, and who love to stay active, strengthening the upper hip muscles is immensely important. Thus, perform the chair squats which will apply pressure on your upper hip muscles specially! This would give you tight, stretchy and flexible hips! Thus, perform the chair squats if you want toned legs and immensely flexible upper thighs

3. Hanging Leg Raises

The hanging leg raises are simply hectic and also gives some amazing results. Hanging leg raises will not only tone your lower body but will also help you strengthen your arms shoulders and full upper body! While you perform the hanging leg raises, all your upper hip muscles are stretched. This stretch will help in tightening and toning the upper hip muscles! If you are looking for a multi benefit workout which can help in toning your legs, abs, upper body and all the important muscles, here are the hanging leg raises which you must perform!

4. Wall Sit With A Ball

If you love medicine ball workouts, here is a super awesome workout which you can perform and work miracles on your hip muscles. For toning the upper hip scales, it is immensely important to perform the workouts which can apply pressure and tone the lower body. When you perform the wall sit with a medicine ball, it will improve you overall body strength and balance. For immense strength, balance and flexibility, this is the workout which you must perform. Place a ball between you and the wall and sit while balancing the ball on your back! This is an awesome workout which will apply pressure on your upper hips and strengthen your lower body miraculously!

5. Reverse Lunges With Weights

If you want to make your workout more impeccable and awesome, try adding weights and make it super exciting. For a high impact and intense effect on your muscles, go with the reverse lunges which are the perfect workout for toning your upper thighs. Hold the weight in both your hands and perform the reverse lunges. Keep your feet together, take a step with right leg in the backward direction, and bend your knee when it touches the floor. Push yourself upwards and get back in your original position!

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